Mobile Apps and Accessories for Professional Use

With all the articles being written about millennials, you would think that they’re a minority, not the bulk of the American work force. But the truth is, most professionals, especially in the tech industry are millenials. They’re not some strange exotic breed, and all the articles about “should you hire a millennial?” or “do millennials have a bad work ethic?” are really just clickbait maximizing a buzzword.

No matter what age group your employees or coworkers are in, technology is going to have an increasing influence on the work environment. Already, we’ve gone from phones at work being taboo five years ago, to phones, tablets, and personal laptops being utilized heavily even in non-tech-focused fields.

This brings us to making sure that we use the ever prevalent technology efficiently, and to do that, here is a list of apps and accessories that are great for professional use.

Audio Dock

There are tons of charging hubs that allow you to charge all your devices at once (which is almost necessary with how much we use electronics and how much battery power they use). But the Ipega audio dock allows you to charge multiple devices (with different charging connections), while also acting as a speaker enhancer and stand holder. This can be super useful for conference calls, and simply for keeping your devices fully charged during the work day.

The Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop App

Splashtop is the sassiest, easiest and fastest remote desktop app. This means you can access your computer using  your iPad from any location you desire. It’s free, as easy as connecting to the local network, has best-in-class video streaming, and allows you to access ANYTHING on your computer. Yep, that’s right, anything. If you access and edit PC files using your iPad, all of the changes will be saved on your PC. This enables you to share screens with your computer, and access multiple devices in multiple locations all from your office.

Touch-Screen Friendly Gloves

Touch Screens can make navigating tablets and phones super-efficient, and touch screen-friendly gloves can only increase that efficiency. Whether you want to avoid fingerprint smudges or just suffer from an over-air-conditioned work place, you can now comfortably wear gloves without having to remove them to use your touch screen devices.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro renovates your iPad into a handy scanner for free. Go ahead; scan meeting notes, receipts, memos, or any document you feel like. The images can then be saved on the iPad, uploaded to the cloud, emailed or printed. This makes you less reliant on keeping track of papers, especially reimbursement receipts that you have to give to HR.


This app acts similar to the scanner pro, but it files the images you take under a specific category to help with accounting. You can file receipts and in just a few seconds under lots of different categories and it saves the different entries you add to make future entries easier. Simply sync the data with your other devices or export to DropBox. This is really nice for keeping track of business expenses versus personal expenses, and other financial distinctions.


If your job involves photo or software editing and/or sharing,’s foto.sosho might be perfect for you . The accessory enhances the megapixel power of the iPhone from 8 to 14, provides better flash, and comes with instant social media uploading options. This is great for streamlining your photo and software creation, editing, and sharing.

Whether you need to increase your work efficiency to help the bottom line, or just want to save time so you can sneak more facebook breaks, these apps and accessories will be a great asset to your professional life, and help you appear to be the organized, efficient individual that you’ve always strived to be.

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