Meet an Ingenious New Toy for Android Users: the Swalle Bluetooth Robotic Ball

With the boom of smartphones over the last few years, more and more businesses spring up that are constantly coming up with new ways to use the smartphone and make everyday life easier or more interesting.

One of the more unusual ideas is the Swalle Bluetooth Robotic Ball, which uses simple Bluetooth technology combined with advanced smartphone functionality to produce a surprisingly entertaining toy that might seem suited for children, but is actually loads of fun for anybody to tinker with.

On the surface is looks just like a simple ball, 61 millimetres in diameter and weighing around 70 grams, but beneath the plain exterior lay many intriguing features. The ball can offer quite a lot of different entertaining functions – the biggest one is obviously the remote control part, which allows you to direct the balls movements using a free downloadable app on your smartphone.

The developers of the toy were really creative with the approach to controls, allowing you to choose from many different settings in which you can control the balls’ actions. Some of them are straightforward, like using arrows to point the direction in which you want the ball to roll, others quite unusual, like shifting your phone to different directions to make the ball move simultaneously. The Swalle Bluetooth Robotic Ball can reach speeds up to 0.8 meters per second and can reach a remote distance of up to fifteen meters.

Swalle Robotic ball review

The Swalle Ball also has the ability to change colours, including fading out and in to simulate breathing, and pulsing with many different colour combinations that you can pre-set. A really amazing function is the balls ability to dance – it can actually move accordingly to any song that you choose, recognising rhythmical patterns to perform unique movements and colour patterns for each song. There are also plenty of app games to choose from, and even the possibility of playing with the ball in water using a special rubber cover, which expands the range of things to do with the ball even more.

The ball itself comes with a little stand from which it is charged and it has a sleep and wake mode to not waste power when notq used. Tech Specs are Max Remote distance is fifteen meters (Without obstacles) and maximum speed is 0.8m/s running track more sensitive.
The diameter of the ball is  61 mm and the weight of the ball is just 70 gm and Device currently runs on all Android handsets higher than 2.2.


It can last up to an hour when fully charged for one and a half hours, but you don’t have to charge it all the way every time before using it.

So if you’re looking for an innovative and unique toy for your child or yourself, this little ball certainly has a lot more to offer than it could seem at first glance, having a tremendous amount of amusing features that can make anyone lose track of time.

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