Know More About The Latest Smartphone From Nokia, The Lumia 925

Nokia, the finish brand had experience a setback a year ago with the stream of android OS based smartphones in the mobile markets of China and India. But they came with a decision later quarter in 2012 that changed the scenario. In the world of Google, only Microsoft came as a challenge for them with the lumia series. Microsoft joined Nokia, to give the Windows OS, which is a compatible version to that existing in PC.

Nokia 925 works on Qualcomm Dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Processor coupled with 1GB RAM for faster fetching and decoding of instructions and memory operation. Qualcomm Processor is better in performance than any other chip sets on mobile hardware. Also Nokia 925 have latest version of Windows 8 which also provide cloud storage, such that the user get connected to his work from anywhere, which is got accessed from PC or mobile.


Nokia provides its own map and exclusive device driver software on Nokia Lumia 925 which have a lighter aluminum body. In the phone, the pure view camera is centerpiece and entire hardware is supported with polycarbonate backing to ensure tight protection with slim handy body.

Nokia released 925 on 2013 may, which have a thickness of 8.5 mm which is thin compared with Lumia 920, whose thickness was 10.7mm. 925 come with AMOLED display for better quality viewing even in sunlight. But the good thing is the display, when compared with 920 it has got improved AMOLED display as 920 display was LCD IPS. But they made compromise on sound such that it is better in a silent atmosphere, but when used in a noisy environment it is not much of audio quality.

Nokia can’t beat user interface of HTC, as the sense user interface provide a faster and flamboyant experience. Nokia pure view camera comes 8MP in rear but the front cam is only 1.3MP which is very low with HTC one, which boast of 2.1MP. Battery life is not as per as existing pattern, as it has only 2000mAH battery, which get exhausted on high speed tasks or high memory operations. Nokia Lumia 925 lacks the apps and games existing with android phones, but still it is worth a good phone or business applications and communication aspects.

Lack of color options may also give a setback for sales as most youth prefer color patterns nowadays, but there is a point to state “this is a good windows phone, but not  for everyone” in terms of usage. Nokia lacks of the Interface Comparable with Samsung and HTC as gesture controlled operations not in 925. Moreover it lacks HDMI TV output, which connects the phone data with TV which is essential thing in business presentation.

Also there is no bluetooth file transfer, which may backfire the phone amidst of other brands. Other disadvantages that we can notice: when compared with Android OS phones, there is a lack of java and non-presence of Xenon Flash for better light-up and non-availability of water resistant features. Only an up gradation of hardware and memory make the phone manufacturer forward in mobile market.

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