Laptop vs. Tablet: Choosing The Better Gadget

Technology these days has become so advanced that it has found its way into almost every aspect of our lives. Even staying in touch with friends and colleagues makes use of technology through social networks like Facebook and Twitter and smartphones like the iPhone. A lot of improvements these days are made by technology and it made everybody’s lives easier.

Technology has created a number of gadgets that have made a lot of people do things that they couldn’t do before such as working while travelling. Laptop and tablet computers are two of the most popular gadgets nowadays. However similar they are, they are also different in a number of ways. To help you decide whether a laptop or a tablet is the perfect piece of technology for you, here are some comparisons to help you out:

tablet vs laptop

Both the laptop and tablet are portable gadgets and sometimes mistaken as books considering their size. Laptops come in different sizes like the notebook or netbook which is smaller and lighter compared to the average-sized laptops. Tablets are lighter than most laptops. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab only weighs 565 grams whereas an already thin laptop model like the Sony VAIO weighs almost two kilograms. When it comes to portability, both gadgets are convenient to carry around but the tablet tends to be easier to tote around. It’s good for travellers, students and businessmen who are always on the go. The battery life of tablets has been noticeably longer as compared to that of laptops.

Staying connected is important to a lot of people these days and both the laptop and tablet are able to connect to a Wi-Fi service. You can check your Facebook account, emails and even go through websites of your favorite companies like Forever 21, or service providers such as Samsung and RingCentral. On the other hand, if there’s poor Wi-Fi service, the laptop will still be able to connect to an Internet connection with the use of a LAN port. If you want to download and play games, you can do so with either gadget. However, before doing so, you have to make sure that you have installed reliable antivirus software to prevent getting infected with viruses that can destroy its operating system causing it to malfunction.

The tablet is a touch-screen device which means there are no physical keyboards or keypad. However should you need peripheral devices for your tablet you can purchase them at the nearest gadget retail store.  Of course, this will mean you have to spend around $50 or so for these devices. Plus, it would mean extra hassle to bring along a keyboard. For these reasons, other people opt to have a laptop than a tablet. You don’t have to spend extra cash to buy a keyboard since the laptop is already attached to one. If you are a forgetful person, you might forget to bring along your tab’s keyboard whereas with the laptop, you don’t have to worry about leaving it.

Choosing a laptop or a tablet depends on your daily needs and preferences. Both gadgets have similarities and differences and they are both technically-inclined to provide you with the comforts that technology has to offer. These are just some important points to help you decide whether a laptop or a tablet is your gadget of choice.

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