Protect Your Laptop And Tablet With New Customized Skins

The day that you received your new laptop or tablet was probably a really exciting one. Maybe it was an unexpected gift, or a highly anticipated graduation present. Maybe you bought it for yourself after months of saving up and working overtime. The promise of new technology can really get someone inspired. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer or just want to watch a whole season of Breaking Bad on an airplane, these devices can really change your life.

However, maybe you didn’t expect the day when you accidentally spilled a cup of tea all over that brand new laptop. Or dropped your tablet full stop when someone accidentally bumped into you on the subway. Life is full of little interruptions and accidents, but it can be devastating when the things we love get destroyed. If you’ve learned the hard way or don’t want this story to happen to you, you’ll need proper protection for your next computer and tablet. Luckily, there are way more options available than what you might see for sale at the Apple Store.

Mobile Laptop Tablet Skins

Image Credit: Mobile Syrup

Hard cases or fabric covers might seem like a logical option than having your devices make their way through the world barenaked (hehe) but they don’t offer the strength you need. As dust, grime and the wear and tear of daily life make their mark on your computer (especially if you are prone to eating and drinking over your laptop), they can cause your machine to suffer. Instead, you’ll want to purchase a custom-fit laptop or tablet skin that fits your machine to the millimeter. These skins are made of 3m vinyl and are adhesives that can be easily affixed to your laptop and tablet. They can also be easily removed and cleaned – just wet a washcloth with a little bit of warm water to remove a stain or excess residue.

How do they work so well and what advantages do they offer over a harder shell? Customized laptop and tablet skins fit snugly, stopping dust and grime from being able to get in. They can fit over all parts of your device, acting as a protective barrier. Best of all, they look incredibly cool. New designs are being released everyday, and offer all kinds of variety in colours, patterns and textures. Whether you want your laptop to look like a leather-bound book, or your tablet to be papered in dark wood, the options are out there. You will get to make a striking statement as you use your device in your daily activities, and prepare it against the elements.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new skin for your laptop or tablet, do some research on the best online retailers available who work with quality manufacturers. You’ll want to purchase a skin made from vinyl that can be easily cleaned and removed, if necessary. The highest quality ones can be used over and over again and will last for many years. Check out some of these popular Macbook skins by dbrand, a company that specializes in producing such high quality skins for all Macbook sizes. Protecting your laptop and tablet from wear and tear is a necessary investment in the durability of your device. Make the smart choice and invest in a customized laptop and tablet skin that still reflects your personal style.

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