Key Reasons for Choosing an Android App for your Business

With the advent of new age Smartphone’s, tablets and the applications that drive them, tables and scenarios have indeed been turned over, effectively broadening horizons for every businessman, be big or small. Applications have evolved in every aspect including security, usability, and visual interface, apart from networking capabilities.

Mobile applications now play a dominant role in various enterprises simply due to the immense convenience offered. Custom enterprise applications can be developed by mobile app development solutions and can be tailor made as per the needs of the company. The applications are used to benefit both the customers and the employees. They can be burdened with features ranging from employee data logging, schedule maintenance and means for personal messaging. Enterprises no longer have just one boring option to choose from, but instead have several customizable options replete with features at their disposal with the rise of modern OSes.

Also, a rising misconception that seems to float around the industry is that Android is not as capable in security as is iOS. Avoid such misleading misnomers and do not let them deter you. It may be true that Android stands a risk of being infected by malware, but with regular updates being offered by Google, all of its loopholes are regularly being patched. Mobile app development for Android has its own set of relative advantages that we shall now glance through.

Applications that are used within a company for tasks such as emploimportant data to be kept synced and updated on the cloud, thus eradicating the worries of losing all crucial data with the loss of device itself.

Developing for Android is a company’s best bet. At Software Developers India- SDI, a company widely renowned for its exquisite and powerful yee data logging, or when the mode of exchange of data amongst employees is primarily reliant on the mobile application. it is necessary that all the employees have a handset that supports the OS the developed application thrives upon. Going by the fact that Android Smartphone is owned by almost everybody today, android apps turn out to be undisputed hits.

Being light on the pocket and feature rich at the same time, Android devices are much more popular of a choice amongst consumers, as can clearly be seen by the OS’s 50% + market share. Androids are also capable of offering a host of real time work collaboration suites, including real time sync with Google Calendar, Docs, Hangouts, etc. It allows offerings for enterprise applications, secure and efficient mobile app development is just a click away. SDI has developed an array of powerful enterprise applications and has had clients of the likes of Pepsi Co. and Stanford University, which can very well be said to be the Titans of the industry. Whichever platform you choose to work with, SDI has the skill and resources to come up with the best.

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