These are the most jaw-dropping features of workstation laptops

Today, technology is changing the definition of e-commerce and entrepreneurship faster than most of us can keep up. In the digital landscape of 2015 and beyond, it’s almost unthinkable that we could still run a competitive, plugged-in business without having reliable access to a great laptop. But finding the right combination of features for the best workstation laptops takes time, the right mix of research and patience, and a few careful inquiries into the market. Thankfully, with so many recent innovations in the field, falling in love with a workstation laptop is easier than ever — even at first sight! Below are a few features that can make a normal laptop (or personal computer) into a great business tool made for twenty-first century commerce.

Having a large, high definition screen will go a long way to keeping you focused during extended workdays. More than 480 video lines are used for imaging in HD screens. These beautiful monitors provide a crystal-clear image and resolution to eliminate fuzziness, pixilation, or lag time. Using large monitor ensures multiple takes, windows, and programs can operate on the same screen and makes multi-tasking much easier. Hop between dozens of links and pages without feeling cluttered, like you would with a small 11” or 13” screen. Add to this an FHD anti-glare feature and you can get rid of tired eyes and squinting if you’re working in the dark. For optimal ranges, consider a 15.6” screen and a 1920×1080 display.


Today’s entrepreneurs usually have to wear many hats as they build and push their ventures. This means that multi-tasking is necessary for optimum success when using workstation laptops. For this capability, buyers want to look for incredible speeds and efficient processing power — factors that are even more ideal for design professionals or engineers. Having a 4th Generation Intel i7 vPro Processor packs quite a punch for business, design, engineering, or any field that asks a lot from your computer. The latest in micro-architecture offers advanced security, improved graphics, and better battery life. These processors—whether 4th or 5th generation—simply enhance your performance and keep you working for longer. With additional prospects like a bonus Window 8.1 Pro upgrade discs, you’ll be able to run multiple programs at once without slowing things down, freezing, or overheating your investment.

Keeping your computer safe should also be a major priority. With identity and information theft on the rise, safeguarding your hard drive and account data is a must. Today, workstation laptops come with fingerprint readers to ensure protection and security should your laptop be stolen or left unattended. EasyGuard Technology and encryption’s will also keep the information you store on your computer for your eyes only. The next time you’re in the market for a computer, make sure it’s at the forefront of security and safety and you can rest assured that your information stays where it belongs.

Entrepreneurs and tech-savvy business people often find themselves working in various public places. One day could be spent at home, the next at a coffee shop, and the following morning on a plane. For these reasons, it’s wise to consider the most rugged and durable laptop you can find to protect against bumps, scrapes, nicks, scratches, and other hazards. It’s also smart to inquire about battery life—five hours is a major selling point for a heavy-duty workstation laptop, since you don’t want your mobile device always reliant on non-mobile energy sources.

With the right questions and the right features in mind, you can find a next-generation workstation laptop to power and sustain any business or e-commerce imaginable and keep you ahead of the competition. Head online to check out the latest Toshiba mobile workstations and start to get a sense of the range of options available to you from a great company. You’ve just got to do the right research, educate yourself on the newest models, and never settle for less.

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