Jailbreak the iPhone 5 using simple techniques

It’s hacking time folks! Jailbreaking the iPhone 5 from iOS 6.0 to the updated iOS 6.1 just got simpler and easier. Evasi0n is one great application that can be used with Windows operating system. With the help of Evasi0n, the user can easily jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 6.1 from the earlier version iOS 6.0. The only thing required is to have a windows based operating system and USB connectivity.

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The USB cable is required to connect the iPhone device to the personal computer. Let’s have a look at how the jailbreak procedure commences using some easy and simple techniques:

Stage 1

At first, download the Evasi0n app. Crate a new folder in the desktop, name it “Pwnage”, and then save the downloaded file into the folder. The downloaded file will be in zipped or rar format. Unzip it using “winrar”. Keep the unzipped files in the same folder.

Evasi0n application gets installed on the PC

The unzipped files will be contained in a default folder. Open the folder. An application file with the name evasi0n.exe will be be available. Double click the “evasi0n.exe” file to start the installation process. In case the file fails to run, right click it and select “Run as administrator”. This will allow the file to smoothly run and install on the PC.

Stage 2

After the Evasi0n application gets installed on the PC, now connect the iPhone device to the PC via required USB cable. If there is any password on the phone lock screen, then please disable it before connecting the device to the PC. Next, after connecting the device to PC, wait for the PC to recognize the device. After recognizing the device, click on the Jailbreak button.

Once clicked, the user will observe on the screen that the tool is retrieving necessary information for Jailbreaking purpose. While the process continues, the iPhone will be rebooted due to installation of different things. A word of caution: while the entire process is carrying out, don’t touch the iPhone screen interface or any button. Let the entire procedure gets carried out by its own terms. Everything will be carried out automatically.

Stage 3

Finally, the user will see a certain notification being displayed on the PC screen. It says: “Please unlock the iPhone from PC”. The Jailbreak icon is being highlighted on the screen. Simply tap the Jailbreak icon and wait for the outcome. The Jailbreaking application will startand get done in no time. There is no requirement of re-tapping the icon. Simply tap once and everything will be taken care of perfectly.


Evasi0n carries out all the important installations while injecting all the required programs. Wait till the Jailbreaking concludes and the device gets restarted once more. Also, the iPhone will get restarted with the help of Cydia. This confirms successful carrying out of the Jailbreak operation. The Cydia icon on the iPhone’s main screen can be seen.

The above stages are necessary to Jailbreak the iPhone 5 from a PC. It’s simple and easy enough to carryout the operation without taking help from any external sources. The entire operation take no more than 10 minutes to conclude. It’s simple and fast; this makes Jailbreaking using Evasi0n such effective in the present day tech-savvy world. Now before concluding the discussion, a short discussion on Jailbreaking. Is it appreciated? Does it have any significance? Focus on the next paragraph:

Jailbreaking is definitely a hacking concept. However, it’s advantageous since it allows the iPhone users to install a whole lot of 3rd party applications in the Apple device. Downloading applications from 3rd party sources can be less costly affair when compared to the apple stores. In fact, there are several 3rd party app sources that allow users to download apps free of cost.

Therefore, Jailbreaking the iPhone 5 provides the users with a lot of additional option when it comes to downloading apps for their telecom devices. The default telecom network partner for iPhone 5 is AT&T. But with Jailbreak, the network options increase. The users can choose from the widest range of telecom network operators available to use with the device. Once the iPhone 5 gets Jailbreaked, an entirely new world opens before the user. This is the world filled with new opportunities and options.

Experience widest range of tweaks for the iPhone with the help of this new world. Include newer screen-savers, wallpapers, themes, icons, buttons, and many more to name. And yes, with the help of jailbreak, the user can surf the internet from the personal computer via iPhone connectivity. Simply amazing, ins’t it? The Jailbreaking option opens a workd of newer opportunities for the iPhone users. It is an amazing hacking technique that’s being well appreciated globally.

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