iPhone 5S – Can Consumers Expect the 5S to be a Lot Better than the Recently Released iPhone 5?

Even if the iPhone 5 has just been made available to consumers a few months ago, there are already a lot of rumors circulating about the next iPhone release. A lot of people believe that before the iPhone 6 will be revealed, the iPhone 5S will be the first to be introduced to the market. These rumors may well become the truth, especially with Apple being known for tweaking their early releases before they make investments in manufacturing a whole new device. If you look back on the prior iPhone models, you will realize this.

So the question here is really this: can consumers expect the 5S to be a lot better than the iPhone 5? In this review, we will take a closer look at the areas that are most speculated upon and that have the greatest potential of becoming fulfilled in the 5S.


iPhone 5S – Improved Display Screen or No Developments?

Claims about the iPhone 5S having a display screen that features a much higher resolution than the iPhone 5 have been made and have been circulating, both online and offline. However, this is not necessarily true if Apple will not change the display screen of the 5S. In other words, increasing the display screen resolution is completely pointless if the size itself will not be improved. It is highly likely that the screen of the 5S will measure 4 inches and will come with 1,136 by 640 pixels in terms of resolution.

One thing that has the potential of being improved in terms of display is the underlying technology. It has been claimed that the 5S will be featuring the new Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) technology. If Apply will really incorporate this material into the 5S, then we can expect that the phone will be slightly slimmer and brighter than the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S – Better Phone Design or still the Same of that of the iPhone 5?

In terms of phone design and built quality, we can expect that the 5S will take its design cues from the recently released iPhone 5. What does this mean? It simply means that the 5S will look a lot like the iPhone 5. A proof of this is the fact that Apple’s expenses decreased significantly this year, as opposed to the $4.5 billion that the company spent last year on making investments while developing the iPhone 5. The decrease in the expenses may definitely mean that new hardware will not be incorporated on the 5S, thus; only a few things will change and design as well as built quality will not be two of them.

iPhone 5S – Will it be Shipped with the iOS 7?

One of the things that have been constant with the iPhone models is their operating system. Apple’s very own iOS has been tweaked and updated over the past years, but it has never been completely rebuilt or overhauled. However, with the iOS 7 being developed, consumers can expect a whole new story.

The iOS7 is said to be a great leap from the current Apple operating system. One of the major features that can be expected with the new operating system is the completely overhauled user interface (UI). Also, Apple has decided to drop its traditional skeumorphic design. And with the Apple iOS 7’s new user interface, the 5S should look more clean and modern.

Final Thoughts

We still cannot say for sure whether or not the iPhone 5S will be a lot better than the iPhone 5. However, if Apple decides to make some of the rumors come true, then we can expect a new iPhone model to have better features. Hopefully the next iPhone handset, may it be the 5S or the 6, will be featuring the new iOS and will be just as valuable as the telecoms services being offered by leading companies, such as RingCentral.

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