Isn’t iPad mini a dedicated gaming system?

Before any details are divulged about the iPad Mini and its gaming features, all readers should take note of this disclaimer which categorically states that Apples latest tablet is a smart device which performs numerous functions with gaming been one of them.  The topic for discussion just focuses on the gaming abilities of the iPad Mini and what game developers think or feel about its potential as the ultimate portable gaming console. So read on.

Apple iPad mini launch in London


Apples CEO Tom Cook recently informed the public about that his organization has shipped approximately 100 million iPads since its inception and with the release of the iPad Mini, the numbers are sure to move only in one direction which is up north. Statistics also show that approximately seventy percent of iPad owners purchase this smart device for their gaming needs, so this will be an in-depth review on how the iPad Mini fairs as a gaming system.

What Game Developers are saying?

Gabriel Leydon CEO of Machine zone, crowned the iPad Mini as the best wireless tablet available on the tech market today and its portable—7.9 inches—frame is sure to revolutionize the way gamers approach both on the go gaming as well as playing at home. He believes that the sonic speed of the iPads’ LTE connection coupled with its larger screen size—when compared to smart phones—will make it the portable gaming device of choice for the general population. He ended by saying “This –the iPad Mini—will allow all developers to really push on the graphics side of game development. We expect the industry to push the limits of tablet gaming graphics in 2013.”

Steve Allison of The Walking Dead, Tell Tale Game said that the processing speed and gaming features of the iPad Mini and its innovative small display screen will make it the top gaming tablet for 2013 and he believes that the iPad Mini will go a long way in eliminating the use of dedicated portable gaming consoles in the near future.

Its Gaming Features

The gaming features of the iPad has also been praised by developers due to the fact that Apple did not excessively change the gaming specifications of the iPad Mini from that of the iPad 2. According to Steve Allison, the iPad Mini processors are quite similar to that of the iPad 2 which would make game designing quite easy for developers. And it will gain the popularity like the site Car Games 365 has being gaining in online gaming sites. The iPad Mini features include:

  • Dimensions—the iPad mini is built at a height of 200 millimeters, with a width of 134.7 millimeters and a 7.2 millimeter depth making it the most portable of all the iPads and other tablet devices on the market
  • Display—with a 7.9 inch screen and a resolution of 1024 x 768 which ranks it above all major portable gaming consoles including the Wii U and PS Vita cements its place as the king of display.
  • Processor—the iPad Mini processor specifications are; an Apple A5 operating system, dual core processors with a 1 GHz processing speed. These specs might make it more powerful than the Wii U processors but less powerful than the PlayStation Vista.
  • Graphics Processing Units—the iPad Mini is powered by a PowerVRSGX542MP2 GPU which processes 80 million polygons per unit.
  • Storage and RAM Size—in terms of storage space, gamers will have to choose among the 16, 32 and 64 GB iPad Mini’s available on the market while its RAM is set at 512 MB. With a 16GB hard disk, gamers should be able to store every game they desire.

These features place the iPad Mini as the next device closest to a portable dedicated game system.

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