iOS apps to watch your favorite TV shows instantly

The iPad, iPhone and iPod are all great devices to watch videos on because of the great screen quality and decent sound quality. With the proliferation of a number of websites to watch popular TV shows, iTunes App Store developers haven’t been far behind in developing a set of apps that will allow you to watch your favorite TV shows on your mobile device itself. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy the experience so much that you’ll switch to mobile devices for catching up on the best TV shows that are being offered.

IOS Apps to watch TV Shows

Of course, all owners of an iOS device have YouTube and iTunes apps which are preloaded on the device. Both these services are really pretty good options for catching some great entertainment. True, the choices available on YouTube may be pretty limited considering the proprietary nature of the network and cable shows that are released. But it is still a great option to catch international content, especially with a few studios maintaining their own YouTube channels that stream some of the older movies and shows. iTunes carries most of the shows, though you might find the cost to be a bit too prohibitive for your taste.

Hulu Plus and Netflix have been neck-to-neck for the position of best IPTV service for quite a while now. There’s little to choose between the two services as both costs the same and both add movies 28 days after they are released. But if it is TV that you are interested in, stick to Hulu. Netflix has fewer current shows on its line up, though it is still definitely a better option than iTunes. The only drawback of Hulu Plus is that just like TV, there are ads on this service. If video quality is very important to you, Netflix would be a better bet.

Clicker is not exactly a TV viewing app. It is best described as an aggregator that lists the shows that are running on Hulu, Netflix, VEVO, Adult Swim and Crunchyroll (for anime). The app is great because it not only allows you to browse the shows on these channels from place, but it also allows you to open the show via the relevant app on your iPhone.

IMDB Movies and TV is by far, the world’s largest online database of movies and television shows. The current count of shows and movies is over 2 million. What’s more, it is backed by a solid information sheet that gives you all the info you can possibly need about the movie or TV show that you are watching.

Some of the newer options to watch TV on your iOS device include apps brought out by your TV service provider. Apps like AT&T’s Uverse app allow you to use your cable TV account to catch your favourite shows on your mobile device. While you are limited to watching the shows on channels that you have subscribed to, it saves you an amount of money paid to your Netflix or Hulu account.

In the midst of all these wonderful options to watch TV on your iOS device, remember to opt for a carrier that can provide you good wireless internet. Watch out for the 4G LTE phones that offer Internet speeds that are routinely faster than most cabled Internet connections. There’s nothing that complements a good iOS TV watching app better than a solid Internet connection.

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  1. Great information, thanks! I love watching TV on my mobile device, so I appreciate learning about new apps to download. I will definitely have to check out IMDB and Clicker; they sound very interesting! My favorite app I like to use for TV on the go is DISH Remote Access. It’s like UVerse app you mentioned, except I’m able to watch live TV on the go as well. I only used it to manage and schedule my DVR away from home, but that was until one of my coworkers at DISH got me a Sling Adapter. Since then I’ve been able to view all of my favorite shows, live or recorded, anywhere I go in the world. For a TV lover like me, it’s great being able to stay updated with my favorites even though I’m not sitting right in front of my TV! :)

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