iOS 7 vs. Android 5.0: The Rumor Wars

Android and iOS have been engaged in a fierce battle for over six years now. Though iOS took the early lead and dominated the smartphone market it quickly fell behind due to its lackluster design and limited functionality while its opponent offered a more intuitive experience and a refreshing new user-interface.

Both companies have increased their R&D budgets to come up with the next big operating systems that can tighten their grip on the smartphone market and raise their stock value. The announcement of iOS7 and Android 5.0 by the tech giants has fans caught in frenzy arguing on social media platforms about what the next generation of mobile operating systems hold for them.

Here are some rumors that are making rounds in the market about these soon to be expected members of the tech world:

iOS 7

As the rumor goes, iOS 7 is said to have significant change in design in terms of color scheme. News of Jony Ive taking up the responsibility of the new OS has more or less given the world an idea that they can expect a major change in the interfaces. The icons, as expected are going to be flatter. iOS 7 is also rumored to flaunt motion tracking capabilities. When the phone is moved in the hand, it is going to track the motion so that the screen also moves.

A make-over is also rumored for the messages app. The speech bubbles have been replaced by blue and white omitting the gloss. Users can get a complete overview of the messages. The same mo-nonsense interface is going to be seen in photos. A full screen view of the photos can be seen.

Notification Center

The new notification center is also rumored to be a lot more different than before. It is going to feature a daily overview that gives the user alerts about new mail, missed calls, to-dos, and more. The Notification center can be seen from any screen including the time the phone is locked. It can be cleared from a paired device like Mac or an iPad for instance.

Control Center

The control center is going to present new preference controls. A quick upward swipe from the bottom  of the screen is going to give the user a view of the preferences and even on the lock screen you can switch on the Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Do not disturb mode, flashlight and alter brightness.

App Store

The App Store also comes back with a completely revamped look featuring a black and white color scheme. It also allows users to find apps nearby. The apps are going to be updated automatically saving the users from manual updating. iPhone apps are rumored to have a sleeker home in the future OS.


Multitasking is another great feature that iOS7 is rumored to have. On tapping the home button twice, the user gets a preview of apps that are currently running.

Android 5.0

When rumors about Android 5.0 popularly dubbed “Key Lime Pie” release on Google’s IO conference turned out to be false information, it did not stop the rumor mill from whiffing the air in the Android World for stories.

Here are some rumors about the Key Lime Pie 5.0:

An ‘Optimized’ OS

Although Key Lime Pie is scheduled to come out in November along with Moto X and an unnamed Nexus device, the new OS will not rely on new devices only to invade the market. It will be able to run on old phones as well as new ones.

Phones running a RAM of as little as 512 MB of RAM are going to be able to support the new OS.

With a minimalistic design, Key Lime Pie is rumored to eliminate frills. Google is going to amalgamate the card style of Google Play seen in Jelly Beans 4.2 and new design features to come up with a very intuitive design. The Contacts and People App is also rumored to come out in October with a revamped look.

These rumors may have many Apple and Android fans punching the air with joy; they, however, remain unconfirmed pieces of information. We do hope, nonetheless, that both Apple and Google make major fixes to the security of their OS.

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