Incredible Tips to Shoot Stunning Panoramic Photographs

Photography has been the passion for many people. A photography enthusiast sincerely believes that each and every picture speaks a special message much as any art form does for the viewer. Photography is about capturing and preserving the images. Shooting panoramic photos is easier with software’s like Photoshop that gives you everything that needs to bring out the best in your digital images, transform them to anything you can imagine and showcase them in extraordinary ways.

One has to bear in mind the following things while taking photographs to create stunning panoramas.

1. Manipulation of camera settings and usage:-

First focus the image and make sure to level the image and align it with the horizon. Make sure to use the whole view finder or viewing screen to view your shot. Now set
your camera in manual mode. Manual mode assures greater control over the camera and the exposure level indicator is indeed the key for getting perfect exposure. Shoot vertical so that you can merge multiple frames together. Overlap the images by at least 30% and not more than that. Outside this range the software may not be able to align the picture correctly but overlapping is one of the best ways to create panoramic images. You can also do one more thing. With the help of auto focus ensure a clear focus and as soon as it does it flips your camera to manual focus. This ensures uniform and consistent panoramic pictures on each and every image you shoot. You can also get the best quality panoramic pictures with the help of Photo stitching software.

2. Implement the use of a tripod:-

It is also important that you position your camera on a tripod. This is a must if in case you are implementing a camera with fast lens. Incorporating the use of a tripod stand also helps to line up your shot in an accurate way so that you can shoot photos with at least 30% overlap. Another added advantage of using this tripod stand is that it eliminates or reduces parallax errors. The most obvious benefit of incorporating a tripod stand is that it assures stability to the camera and avoids camera shakes in situations where longer exposure times are necessary. A special kind of tripod assures breathtaking photos without parallax errors and permits you to stitch images flawlessly without the use of wide angle lenses. Tripod is also mandatory for correct alignment of your image tonal range and for auto bracketing. Tripod stands also assist in obtaining clear focus and this ultimately ensures sharper images. No wonder a tripod stand is touted as an inevitable and indispensable tool in creating panoramic images.

3. Usage of lens:-

Incorporating the use of wide angle lens alters the image creating a need for correction which is quite time consuming in nature. The panoramic software can rectify this issue but does not assure 100% satisfaction. Hence you may have to do this manually and it requires a lot of skill and expertise. The same thing happens for shooting at extreme angles. Similarly images taken with the help of fast lens are often blurry and hard to stitch. Blurry or dull images may also need to be stitched manually and involves a lot of your time. Incorporating the use of Photoshop Panos stitching assures pretty stunning results.

4. Proper technical settings and measurements:-

Do some test shots in order to balance your exposure settings to get the perfect shot. Make the necessary settings in the camera in order to get the correct exposure otherwise the photos will be tough to stitch. There are some software programs available that stitches your images by balancing out the exposure differences. This ensures a uniform way to stitch your shot. However this is not possible to happen in each and every shot that you are going to take. Hence it is generally recommended that you set to manual exposure. Shooting photos with the help of manual exposure ensures uniform photos with uniform exposure without any loss of relevant data. Auto bracketing is also implemented where several shots of the same images at different exposure levels are taken and then combined to create an overall balanced exposure of the image.


Panoramic photos are a great way to emphasize dramatic landscapes. Taking panoramic photo is quite easy these days as there are latest software programs available which automatically weaves and stitches to create stunning panoramic images.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Sara Marie. She loves to share knowledge about Technology. She recommends for providing best tips about how to stitch photos.

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