Increasing The Efficiency And Competence Of Your Business

You are right in your belief that even your small aspiring business can project an image of efficiency, seriousness, and competence. Private branch exchange has features that cater to all business sizes. It is also called PABX (private automatic branch exchange) and EPABX (electronic private automatic branch exchange.

It started as a cost saving device. Businesses use it for making internal calls within their office to generate fewer expenses. It functions in the establishment of clear connections between two or more users. It is also used to meter calls for auditing purposes. Soon enough it evolved to have many features that are useful and practical.


Features of a Private Branch Exchange System

There are numerous features of this business phone system. Some companies prefer an internal phone system. There are other options as well. Hosted or virtual system is about phones with a switching done on a centralized site. It is just the phones that are in the customer’s location.

Different companies label their products with different titles. This is both applicable to both internal and hosted systems. They do this in order to create a distinction but basically they have the same capabilities. One of the basic features is the attendant. If a caller dials 0, he or she is automatically transferred to the attendant.

Today’s business phone system allows your employee/s to work away from the office. This feature is cost effective as you do not have to provide another line for your worker. Work-from-home and online employees are now possible and allows you to save time and money.

Call center is a telecommunications software that is capable of outbound dialing and getting incoming calls. This department is a stand-alone enterprise composed of customer service representatives and agents. Companies prefer this automated process as it involves little or no use of human resources.

To further emphasize this significant feature, it is composed of an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Workforce Management (WFM), and Customer Satisfaction Research. The latter serves in the monitoring of the activity and behavior of the agents. Call center encompasses all these functions.

When a customer dials a line that does not respond, the call is automatically transferred to another extension. This is done when the line is busy and has a DND (Do Not Disturb) status. Your callers are assured of getting a response. Call forwarding is permitted on the assumption that the call has been assessed by a call monitoring feature.

Other Significant Features of the System

Incoming calls are important to a business. They have to be checked and monitored to assure that all calls are legal. There are prank calls, obscene calls, bomb threats, offensive calls, and doubtful emergency calls.

In a PBX system, parking a call is initiated when a call is considered on hold. It allows any employee to respond to the call or transfer it to another extension. Once the phone is picked up the parked call is held off.

If an employee is engaged and there is an incoming call, he or she can hear a beep sound indicating a new incoming call. He or she can click Flash to switch to the new call and putting the old one on hold. The employee can make two calls at a time if needed.

Calls can be recorded from the start. Important calls with pertinent information have to be recorded for different purposes. Business owners are aware of this and have been rating this feature as very important.

With all these cool features of a business phone system, there is no wonder why it is the most indispensable tool of today. It provides your company with the image of competence, efficiency, and a serious enterprise.

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