Do You Want To Improve Your Facebook Page From Average To Outstanding? – Follow These 10 Tips

The fact that Facebook can act as a huge stepping stone in your online quest for supremacy is not in dispute. Almost every business that has an online presence today is on Facebook. Not only is it a great advertising avenue, but it also acts as a wonderful customer service platform and a formidable brand awareness channel. This is why everyone is looking for ways through which they can make their Facebook page stand out. Do You Want To Improve Your Facebook Page From Average To Outstanding? – Follow These 10 Tips.

1. Offer specials on your page

People love offers, especially ones that save them money in one form or another. On your Facebook, always have some sort of special offer running. In order to get more traction and activity on your page, you can base the offer on the simple premise of ‘liking the page’. This can be the only way through which a person can qualify for the offer. Before you know it, they will be lots of people liking your page and referring their friends and family to do the same.

2. Advertise it

Let everyone know that you are on Facebook. Put it on your website, have a Facebook button on all your online material and you should even include it as part of your company’s electronic signature (in emails, memos etc.). In all the correspondence you have, include the button that shows people you are on Facebook. This way you create some awareness.

3. Post, post and post some more

This is not to say that you should spam your readers with irrelevant material. This is simply to say that you need to keep the activity on your Facebook page high if you are to engage people as much as you want to. Post multiple times a day. Maybe twice for regular days, morning and evening. You can increase the number on special occasion like the festive season that is coming up. You can create a log that will keep track of what it is you are to post at which times.

4. Choose the right time to post

Posting your material online when no one is logged is not a very useful expense of your time. You need to post when everyone is active and on Facebook. This means you have to study your audience. Know when they have the time to be on Facebook and when they are looking for offers from companies such as yours.

5. Make use of photos

We are visual creatures, photos go a long way in passing a message across as well as attracting people to your page. Post beautifully done photos of your products on Facebook and you will gain more interaction from your audience and even those who were just passing through.

6. Use videos

Some people prefer video to text. You can have this as an option on your page. Create a very attractive description, and make the video short, entertaining and concise. You can cram more information in a little infomercial than writing an article.

7. Analytics are your friends

In order to know what sort of effect your efforts are having and on whom, you should make use of Facebook analytics. These are readily available to you. They will give you great insight on who your audience is, what is reaching them the most and they overall online tendencies. This way, you can tweak your efforts accordingly.

8. Make use of Facebook poles

You can encourage and garner better viewer involvement by utilizing Facebook poles. This is a little known feature on Facebook that can go a long way in encouraging viewer-brand interaction. Make sure that the question is worthy of your viewers and encourages participation and a high level of brand involvement.

9. Include your partners

This can easily be done through including your Facebook page or button in your email signature and newsletters sent out to your business partners. Having your partners involved could open up the possibility of getting their clients to like your page as well.

10. Share other people’s content

As much as its your Facebook page, don’t make it all about you. Try as much as you can to promote like minded brands or companies that can benefit your readers. Be sure to tag the said companies on whatever material you share about them. This encourages them to do the same for your material. It will open up new readership channels for both brands.

So, Do You Want To Improve Your Facebook Page From Average To Outstanding? – Follow These 10 Tips and in no time at all, your page will have more activity than it does now. It is that simple.

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Bernard Naylor is an Online Manager for CJ Pony Parts – one of the Top Mustang parts and accessories retailers in the world.He also likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.

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