First Impressions on the Samsung Galaxy SIV

Hold your horses: if you expect the new smartphone by Korean company Samsung Electronics to revolutionize the way we look at smartphones, you should rein in your expectations. While definitely it has many features right up on its sleeves and will easily become the most powerful Android smartphone and arguably the best smartphone available in the market this year, the improvements that Samsung has made on this device are intended not to elicit a quantum leap but a steady tread towards perfection.

Samsung Galaxy S4

After the first Samsung Galaxy S smartphone was released in 2012, this smartphone line has been consistently refined and improved in order to become more responsive to the needs of this fast-paced world, especially for business world. Smartphones have become indispensible to companies as part of their business communication system, as it represents an easy-to-use, portable device that lets you conduct basic communication tasks and utilize the features provided by phone service providers, among others.

This year, Samsung made a right decision in retaining the Android as its choice of operating system, what with its flexible ecosystem that is preferred by majority of consumers over the closed environment of Apple iOS and BlackBerry. While the Apple Apps Store remains to be the biggest market for business applications, Google Play has now new offerings of much polished applications, not to mention its ever-reliable and more refined map application.

What amazes us with Samsung’s newest smartphone offerings are its premium features, excellent performance, and sleek design.

Though many people will be turned off by large screens, its bulky form, and seemingly-fragile plastic casing, Samsung Galaxy SIV’s 5” display provides what the iPhone cannot: a workable screen that fuses the functionality of tablets with the portability of a smartphone.

In terms of design, the Galaxy SIV has left many things wanting because of its bulky frame. But the consolation is that it is still comfortable to hold and has exterior features that have been refined relative to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Nonetheless, the Samsung Galaxy SIV has retained the design principle that has governed the SIII, with an ergonomic design and non-slippery glossy plastic casing that is pleasant to touch. The most amazing thing about this smartphone is that it managed to sport a larger screen while being able to reduce a little its dimensions and weight. Overall, the design may not be as astounding as that of the iPhone 5, the HTC One X, or the Nokia Lumia 920, but it more than pays off in other aspects.

When it comes to the phone display, its 5-inch screen packs a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, meaning it has a pixel density of 441 ppi. This makes the SIV’s display sharp and detailed, despite it being a Super AMOLED screen, though the manufacturers has tweaked it a little bit. Yet one letdown with the Samsung Galaxy SIV is something that can also be faulted with its predecessor: outdoor visibility of the display is less than terrific as the screen remains dark.

Well, it’s a tough battle out there this year for smartphone makers. Samsung Galaxy SIV is set to contend with equally venerable smartphones such as the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z, not to mention Apple’s new smartphone (either an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6). Let us just see how the Samsung Galaxy SIV will fare with other smartphones.

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