HTC One Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note III

Phablets are some of the most popular mobile devices available in the market now. They are great as they tend to possess the characteristics of both smartphones as well as tablets. In 2013, two companies have decided to launch phablets into the market and the competition between these two is fierce. Samsung is going to launch Galaxy Note III upon which there are a lot of expectations and then there is HTC which is entering the phablet market for the first time with One Max.


Release Date

Both devices have their release dates remarkably close to each other. The expected launch of these devices is going to take place most probably at the end of this year’s summer. The exact dates have not yet been released but it seems that Samsung is going to be launching first. This may result in Note III having a greater sale than One Max which needs to be in the market as soon as possible before buyers opt for the Note III. However, if HTC aims to launch during the holiday season then it can prove beneficial to their sales.


The hardware in both the devices is almost same with exceptions in some areas. They both have the same processors as well as the same resolutions, Snapdragon 800 and 5.9 inches 1080p resolution respectively. The camera is the area of difference as the HTC One Max is going to have an Ultrapixel camera sensor which is a newly patented sensor by HTC. This allows the camera to take better quality pictures with a small sensor. This can cause better sales in the long term if HTC manages to play its cards right.


There is no doubt that the design of a phone or phablet ultimately has a lot of power when it comes to influencing the choice of the customer. While Samsung is opting for a plastic design, HTC is using an aluminum finish in its HTC One Max. Both of them have their pros and cons. With a plastic finish is it easier to access the micro-SD slot and the battery slot as well. HTC is going for the zero gap type of design inspired from the iPhone and makes the texture remain constant throughout the phone. Either way, it depends on the personal choice of the customer.



The software used in each phone will become the deciding factor for the choice of the buyers. Note III and One Max are both going to run on Android 5.0 Lime Pie most probably. However, both companies include certain extra features in the software for the better running of their respective phones. Samsung is going to include its latest TouchWiz Nature UX which is an amazing piece of UI unlike what we’ve seen before. HTC is going to run its Sense 5 which improves the functionality of Android itself. It is only after the launch that we can see how good each of them is.


The pricing is something each of the companies needs to be aware of. Proper and competitive pricing will ensure higher sales. It is expected, however, that both of them will be costlier than other phablets due to the fact that they have significantly better hardware and features. The HTC mobile price has been quite competitive off late and we hope it will stay that way for the HTC One Max as well. Having said that, the Samsung mobile price has been quite rightly priced and we can surely hope for the same from the Note 3 as well.

Last words

Ultimately, one needs to wait for the launch to see which phablet is better. Both phones are remarkably similar in many ways with only a few differences, the race between them will be close and both the companies are quite trusted. One needs to wait and watch.

  1. i think gelxy note is better his bettry time is ok web cam is amazing i have been using long time i realy love my phone anways nice sharing thanks for your help i learn many thing from your post :)))

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