How to Protect Your Mobile Phone

mobile-phone-securityIt has already been established just how technology and innovations have changed the way people live. Technology is no longer just a luxury; it already presents itself as a necessity that we all must have. With the great power it gives people, it comes not only with great responsibility but also threats that we constantly have to be guarded against. Just like what happens to computers and the viruses that cripple their operating systems, they are no longer exclusive to computers. Since we now have smartphones that can very well function as little computers, they are not spared from the wrath of malware, spyware, and many other viruses.

Malware or malicious software pertains to applications that contain viruses or malicious codes that are designed to do two things: they either destroy the device, or duplicate and steal personal data found in it. With the amount of malware targeting Android devices at a steadily alarming rate, it seems that more and more of us need to learn how to protect our phones from unwanted attacks. There are lots of methods to help you do so, without needing to run back to your phone provider or call toll free numbers for tips and tricks.

Observation – Observe your phone’s behavior to make sure that it is not acting out of the ordinary. If you know how your phone is supposed to behave, you will know when it is being strange.

Password – The single best method for protecting your phone is by adding security measures like a password to it. Even when the phone is idle, it should be locked. Make sure your passcode is strong; otherwise, anyone can hack into it with relative ease.

Google Play – Do not buy your apps from third party sources. This is where the malware is distributed to Android users’ phones. Get your apps from Google Play or the Amazon Apps Store. That way, you at least know that the app is official.

Phone found – If you lose your phone, you would want the ‘nice’ person who finds it to know who to return it to. There is Phone Found – Owner Info, an app that is free on the Android market. You customize it by launching the software, and then your phone will display information that you would want the finder to know in order to get the phone back to you. A bit of precaution is still necessary for this so just put the basics.

Anti-virus – There are good mobile anti-virus apps available that scan new Android software downloads to make sure there aren’t any signs of meddling, such as a strange permission or request. Most of those available on the Android market are free. If you need additional information on some of the available mobile security applications you can use, here are a few:

  • Norton Anti-virus and Security.  You have surely heard of Norton Anti-virus software as they are one of the most widely recognized anti-virus software on the market today. Norton now offers the Norton Mobile Security Lite, specifically designed to protect Android tablets and phones. With this software, you can locate any stolen or lost device remotely. It also scans and screens downloaded applications, memory storage, and application updates that may or may not be accompanied by malware.
  • Lookout Security Anti-virus. Especially designed to support mobile devices, Lookout Security & Anti-virus provides a full series of anti-virus applications that prevent malware and viruses from attacking your Android phones and tablets. It has a preventative system that updates the user with the updated virus identification libraries.

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