How to create a backup plan before you upgrade to Windows 10

Hard driving crashes and losing all your data is the scariest nightmare for almost everyone who uses a computer. Most of the computers today are preinstalled with a recovery drive; however to back up your data and recover it later is not a layman’s task. There are quite a few software’s available to assist with backing up the data and recovery in event of a disaster. EaseUS Todo Backup 8.3 is an easy to install backup software which provides an end user with a comprehensive user interface which guides you through the backup and recovery process.

With the launch of Windows 10 and initially Microsoft offering free upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8, a large number of people across the world will be migrating to the latest OS by Microsoft. The challenge with upgrading to Windows 10 is that it needs more space than any of its predecessors due to the updates that it will receive in the form of Windows-as-a-Service. Hence, the old generation PCs with more humble storage value will start getting issues with the low disk problem. This will eventually affect the speed and performance of the system.

To make sure that we are better prepared to address these issues the system volume can be backed up by using ‘EaseUS Todo Backup Free’. With the help of this software Windows 10 can be backed up while installing the OS for the very first time and should a system crash ever occur, Windows 10 can be restored to its initial state. There will be no need to go through the lengthy and time consuming process of reinstalling Windows 10 and other applications.

One may argue that the ‘REFRESH’ and ‘RESET’ functions of Windows 10 will do the same. But the problem is that, they completely wipe your data and programs that you have installed and also render your system useless sometimes. The use of backup software is much more efficient as you don’t need to take care of all the minute details because the software will do everything at the click of a button for you.

Moreover, our inexperience with the recently launched operating system Windows 10 leaves us with operational loopholes which are yet to be filled with exposure to this OS. Most of the people around the world while operating Windows 10 will not have enough experience with it, to understand the functioning. If a hard drive crash or a hardware failure occurs most of us won’t be equipped to tackle it the way we would tackle older Microsoft Windows OS like 7 or 8. This makes the backup of a Windows 10 system crucial.

Thus we need software that can work flawlessly on Windows 10 as well. ‘EaseUS Todo Backup Free’ provides a thorough and easy to operate interface. To back up and restore data over a Windows 10 system no technical expertise is required using this software.

Another big challenge with Windows 10 is operational vulnerability. Windows 10, being an Operating system in its infancy is exposed to the threats of the online world. Hackers and amateur computer wizards in the whole world will start experimenting with this latest OS. This will result in Windows 10 users experiencing issues with viruses, malwares and other online threats which might eventually destroy their systems. Though we have tens of antimalware and antivirus applications, hackers never stop improvising.

Backing up your entire system using ‘EaseUS Todo Backup Free’ will make sure that your critical data is secure and can be restored later.
To sum up, these are some of the features of ‘EaseUS Todo Backup Free’ for Windows 10 users:

  • Step by step guidance to backup and restore your data.
  • Universal operation through multiple language support.
  • System Backup allows you to backup your entire operating system.
  • File backup will let you select files to be backed up.
  • Data Backup essential to create more space for a larger Windows 10 OS.
  • Automated backup and restore procedure for people less experienced with Windows 10
  • Backs up and Restores your critical data for a relatively more exposed OS like Windows 10.

The software is basically available as a free version for less experienced users as well as a pro version for the experts. Head over to their website and buy the pro version if you seriously want to protect you work machine or go for the free if you are an average user of your computer.

Head over to EaseUS website and download your copy of EaseUS ToDo Backup Free 8.3 today

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