How Can You Remove Native Apps from Your iPhone

The Apple’s smart phones as well as the iPhones contain some built in applications in them. These apps are termed as Native or innate apps as they cannot be erased as they are designed within.  They appear in your phone even if you don’t find them useful.

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There is no way you can remove them permanently but you can at least take advantage of back door or the 10th page built within the iPhone software. By using the applied app limitation built by the apple you can at least erase them from your application page. Here are the steps to follow in order to make your iPhone look more organized.

Step by Step Process to Erase Native App from Smartphone


1.      Enter into the editing mode of your app by touching one of your apps to be removed and holding it until it starts vibrating and shaking.

2.      Now choose one app and start dragging it towards the right of your screen until you reach the edge. It will take you to the next app page or you do not have the next app page it would make one for you.

3.      Then choose another app and similarly drag it to the second page and keep dragging it to create a third page. Just keep dragging your app until you reach the ninth page of your iPhone. If you don’t have so many pages it would keep creating one for you.

4.      Now transfer all those innate apps to be removed on the ninth page of apps on your iPhone. Keep in mind that the apps to be deleted are the last ones on that page.

5.      Now keep adding more and icons to the ninth page until the page is all full having 16 apps. Make sure you arrange them in a way that apps to be removed are all at the end of the page.

6.      Now bring some more apps onto the eighth page of apps. Drag at least as much apps as much you want to remove. For instance if you want to remove 6 apps then drag 7 icons on the eighth page.

7.      Now from the eighth page drag the last app on the ninth page of your page at the first position. In this way one app which is at the last of the page would be forced to be moved on the 10th page. This is actually the back door of your iPhone software. When the app reaches on the 10th page you would not see that anymore so this would be similar to deleting the app from your phone.

8.      Finally, keep moving all the apps one by one from the eighth page to the ninth page and that would push all those apps you sorted as useless from your apps pages until you are left with only desirable apps.

In this way you will be able to remove undesirable native apps from your smartphone and can have only those apps over there which you really like to use. So stop irritating from these native apps and just get rid of them by following aforementioned tips successfully.[five_sixth][/five_sixth]

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