Top 5 Health and Lifestyle improving apps for your Android mobile

Health and Lifestyle have become a religion for people. The dynamism in this area encourages healthy lifestyle changes every now and then, in forms of social connections, body fitness and the food we eat. The significance of these things cannot be understated, nor ignored as it is directly linked to a person’s longevity and stress levels. Luckily, you can stay updated with the latest health and lifestyle trends from your devices and never miss a chance on being the best you can be!

Here are the 5 best Health & Lifestyle apps on Android:

1. Nike+ Training Club


How important is whipping up the perfect beach body? Cannot afford a professional instructor? Too lazy to leave your house? No worries, Nike has got you covered. It will enable you to work out in a way that is suitable to you. It provides drills on different kinds of exercises such as yoga, HIT, and Pilates, in video form, and the audio cues help you memorize the drill easily and allow you to stay in good form. Other than video guides, there are step to step pictures available to dissect each drill for your ease. This app is put together with some of the best fitness gurus in the world so you do not need to worry about what you’re getting into as they will be the ones training you to work hard play hard.

Download Nike+ Training

2. Alkaline Lifestyle Foods

Alkaline Foods App Review

Good and healthy food is the core for healthy skin, body and mind. Eating healthy is pretty easy – sticking to it is not. In all honesty, it is hectic, the prep is time consuming and above all, it’s heavy on your pocket if you do not plan what you actually need. Alkaline Lifestyle Foods is app which holds information on all the ‘right’ kinds of foods. (Spoiler Alert! They will probably not be your favorite, but you owe that to your body). This app has different categories of foods that you will have to go through in order to make a diet plan for yourself. Additionally, it provides video guides and recipes on delicious yet healthy food. If you commit to the Alkaline Lifestyle, it is guaranteed to keep you on a ‘healthy budget’.

Download Alkaline Lifestyle Foods

 3. AirG Lifestyle Chat


Socializing is a very integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Talking and sharing is considered a stress busting activity according to psychologists. AirG Lifestyle Chat is a great way of communicating with different people and share whatever is on your mind. It’s a secure and comfortable space for you to gossip and be cheery till your heart’s content. You can use it if you are bored at work, or just while hanging out. It has millions of members globally so, and your friends would be a great addition too! You can see who is online, and browse through their information. Overall, this app has a lot of positive user reviews and encourages you to ‘spice up your life’.

Download AirG Lifestyle Chat

4. S Health


Samsung is introducing you to your new personal coach! S Health can assist you in training, and achieve your daily targets from a health point of view. It has a built-in tracker which can track all your step count activity using a Pedometer whenever you go running, playing indoor or outdoor, hiking etc. This way you will know exactly how much you have done and how much more you need to do through the neatly displayed statistics. Other than this it highlights your food, water and caffeine intakes which help you in maintaining a balanced health. You will also find a weight monitor and ways to manage your fitness activities. It really is an all-in-one package.

Download SHealth

5. Makeup Alley


Good health and lifestyle are incomplete without beauty regimes, you have to feel good inside and look good on the outside. Makeup Alley provides different kinds of lifestyle boards ranging from skincare, makeup, hair, relationships, family etc.

Download Makeup Alley

You can find loads of information, tips, and hacks for your needs and everyday crisis. You can customize and filter your search if you’re looking for something specific. Other than information, you can find global reviews in millions of lifestyle products used across the world. These reviews are always up to date, thus, they can help you understand which products fit you, your skin and body type. It will also enable you to save money on products that are a waste or harmful. Bottom line, this app will make you feel and look great!

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