Have A Passion For Music? Turn Your iPad Tablet Into Your Own Music Production House!

Do you own an iPad device? Is it music that plays on your mind every single day of the year? Want to try out new instruments but don’t want to spend a fortune? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then it is time you turn your iPad into your own music production tool with some high quality music apps from the iTunes Store. Let us take a look at some of the top apps which you can use on your iPad:

BeatMaker 2


BeatMaker 2 turns your iPad into one of the most advanced music workstations. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a professional musician, you can use it to build your own virtual-home-music-studio. The features of this app are vast; create a number of instruments like drum machines, keyboard interfaces and much more and use them to make your own audio effects! Also, compose, record, arrange and share your songs with others. Additionally, connect MIDI accessories for an external control of BeatMaker’s instruments, the effects and the mixer which makes it perfect for an impromptu live performance!


Loop Twister


Loop Twister is one of the cheapest music production tools in this list. Use it on your iPad device for real-time processing of musical loops. The app consists of about 64 loops with high-end DSP effects which you can play around with, just for fun or create some serious piece of music, whatever suits you best. Apart from the music factor, the app is also great looking and with the Retina Display on the iPad, it is simply matchless.



Sound like a professional singer with this Reverse Karaoke app. Just sing and record your voice and the app will analyze your voice and compose music to match it. The app provides studio quality vocal effects and fine tunes tour voice to the correct notes. And the fun doesn’t end there; press “Play” to hear your songs in different styles such as – Pop, Guitar or Rap and have unlimited fun listening to hilarious results. This is a great app which you can use to while away your time on long road trips or enjoy at campfires with your buddies.


Music Studio


Turn your iPad into a sensational music creation studio with this app; get many high-end features and great sound quality which makes it no less than desktop applications and expensive audio hardware. I recommend this app for its extensive features and the user-friendly interface which helps you create amazing music anytime, anywhere. Some of its features are -photorealistic dynamically configurable 85-key keyboard, more than 100 studio-recorded instruments, waveform and audio region editing, 100 drum loops and much more! Can it get more exciting than this?

Garage Band


Garage Band is an app developed by Apple and just like other apps developed by Apple, it does its job well! Get the best musical experience ever, with this app’s collection of Touch instruments and a full-featured recording studio. Play piano, drums, guitar and other instruments using Multi-Touch gestures just like a real instrument and enjoy the great, realistic sound effects. Use this app and enjoy jamming sessions with your friends and record your sessions or individual performances.

These were some of the awesome music apps that will mesmerize you and your friends at the end of the day. Download them today and show your creativity through music. 

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