Google Website Trust Vs Authority and their impact on ranking

It is often confusing to understand the difference between website trust and authority. The prime focus of this page is Google website trust vs authority and these terms are often the most confusing and misleading. Many site builders are seen switching over to creating authority sites while others have found value in creating trust in their niche sites. Should one focus more on the trust or authority in the sites?  Actually, both the Domain trust and its authority are important for ranking high in the Google

Website Trust

Improving trust with Google and other search engines is to show that the site follows ethical techniques and white hat strategies to gain rankings. Getting links from trusted domains like the Dmoz and Wikipedia build trust in the website. Google will certainly check who is linking to you and if a spammer wants to bombard you to push your index lower, it is not going to have much impact on the trust of your website. But you could be in trouble if your carry fewer links and are relatively new on web and are suddenly bombarded by thousands of spammy links. Therefore, one should focus on getting links from trustworthy sites to build the trust. There have been conflicting information that the trust of the domain also comes from the server hosting the website. The number one factor is however the kind of links coming in.

Website Authority

The website authority is a more straight forward concept and works on how many quality pages link to the website and how. But different links will naturally carry different quality of link juice. The Page Authority works on more useful aspects as a numeric metric to determine the important of the page. The authority of a page or site changes often and this happens when the site is crawled deeply. A link brings topical relevance, geographical relevance, page rank to a website along with direct traffic and trust. The advantage for the site comes from its own authority and not the link. A link from a highly trusted site will naturally be an authority site link.

Moving on with the website trust vs authority, the Google and other search engine spiders take into consideration the number of links on a website as well as their diversity. So try to get more links from different domains. But it is often more difficult to get a diverse link profile as it is easier to get links from the same domains. One should try and maintain a healthy balance between the quantity and diversity and the authority and the trust. There are actually threshold levels for all these parameters and one gets a boost when they hit the level. However, it is still more of a guesswork and you cannot pinpoint one factor that will impact the trust or the authority of the website. After all Google is too smart to allow just a couple of well-defined parameters to affect its results and the search engine already knows how links are being used to influence trust and authority of a website.

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