Google Now and It’s Top Features

Google has now been a smart personal assistant which is developed, of course with Google. Google has now been available with the android applications and is operating systems. To answer Google now uses a natural language interface, perform actions and make recommendations by passing on request to set of web services. Google now was first incorporated with android 4.1 jelly bean and was at first supported with galaxy nexus which is a smart phone. There are many countries present on the internet.

There were lots of additions which were made on the Google now such as restaurant reservations, package tracking information, flight information and hotel reservation. Other additions which were made on the basis of the search history and user’s location like concerts, movies, news and stocks. Some other features were added to the Google now in the year 2012 in which several amazing cards we added such as nearby events, whether at upcoming destinations, birthday reminders and summaries on walking and biking. Google has also enlarged the support of the languages on the Google now for knowledge graph. Here are four amazing features of the Google now.

1. Google Now Reminder Cards

Google now has added this new feature which will assist you in knowing what you have plans for tomorrow. You can add your meeting and other important things which you think you will forget about the day. Your reminders will pop up reminding you about the important things at the specified time. This is amazing as some of us are so busy that we forget to say happy birthday to our dear ones.

2. Google Now – Public Transit

Google now has this new feature in which real time public transportation updates are available in some of the selected cities. Users will get all the information on the public transportation so you don’t miss the last train. Users will be able to see which transportation is available in their locations. This app is not only amazing but very useful. Japan will also be able to locate last train from this app.

3. Google Now Media

Google now has added this new feature in which the users will have all the latest and upcoming media updates. Not only will this but it also show you about the upcoming books, video games, TV shows, music and movies. This is a complete entertaining feature by Google now. With this app, keep yourself updated on the upcoming entertaining tips.

4. Google Now Graph Comparison

With this new feature users will be able to know about the population of the different countries. For example users can see the population graph of India ND can even compare with other countries. You will not only get just the graph of the India but you will have statics of other countries too. Make comparisons and see where your country stands in population. This app is helpful for students.

Google now has added this feature for the convenience of its users. There are many other features which are included like a follow up query and location etc. You will also find expanded background capabilities of the Google now. Google now also has this new feature of the conversational search where users will use this new feature on the basis of voice commands.

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