Google Nexus 7 vs. Kindle Fire – Heads up Specifications Battle

The inauguration of the iPad in the gadget market had radically transformed the way people used to read and work. It has affected the students’ community the most by making a wide range of material available to them at just a click. Its portability accounts for most of its popularity. Many excellent quality iPads have come up in the market in the recent times by companies like Samsung, Apple, and Google, Kindle and so on. All of these have brilliant features and can compete with each other in terms of specifications.

Two such iPads – Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire have been compared and discussed below for a better understanding.

Kindle Fire Tablet

This iPad has an LCD display of 7 inches and a memory of 8 GB. It is much faster than the earlier versions of Kindle iPad and has a longer battery life. Moreover, one can play the latest games and download all the popular apps like Angry Birds, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. This iPad serves the purpose of people of all age groups – young and adults. While the young prefer playing games and doing activities, the adults use it to read online books and magazines. One can also subscribe to the Kindle Freetime Unlimited to see online videos, TV shows, books and so on. This can also be a leisure time gadget where you can listen to songs in off time. One can buy it from the major stores using a discount coupons as well.

Kindle Fire Tablet

Among the other attractive features of the Amazon Kindle Fire are the 1GHz Cortex A-9 Dual Core processor, 512 MB RAM, HTML browser, FM radio and many more.

Google Nexus 7

While the Kindle Fire Tablet has a limited appeal among the students and academicians, Google Nexus 7 has a much wider appeal to all sections of the people as it has much more to offer than the Kindle tablet. It deploys the latest Android version of 4.1 operating system, also known as Jelly Bean and has a 1.2 GHz Quad core processor. This tablet too has a touchscreen of 7 inches and also a camera of 1.2 megapixels. The screen has a good display to offer which has a resolution of 1280×800p. This tablet has an internal memory of 32GB which is not expandable.

Among the other attractive features of this tablet include voice search, Wi-Fi connectivity, pre-installed chrome browser, Google maps and GPS, Bluetooth, Google Play and other apps pertaining to social media and entertainment. One can find this device at cheaper rates using Tradus coupons too.


A Comparative Conclusion

Both the Tablets have gained grounds in the market and have gained immediate popularity. However, a comparative analysis would make it clear that Google Nexus 7 has more to offer than Kindle Fire. However, this does not put Kindle Fire to the backseat as it has much more popularity in the academic circle like students and teachers; even kids use these Tablets for education and entertainment purpose. Thus, before purchasing a Tablet it is important to realize the needs and requirements and accordingly go for the device.

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