What Does Google Glass Do?

What Does Google Glass Do?

People love to be connected. We’re living in what is sometimes called the communication age, and that means that we want to stay in touch as much as we can – with our friends, with our families, with our workplaces and our colleagues. In some parts of the world smartphones have become pretty much ubiquitous, but they certainly have their downsides. Keeping tabs on everything they want to tell you about can be intrusive: you can’t really easily check your email on your smartphone while you’re making dinner, for example, or take a photograph of something that uses both your hands without setting things up in a very complicated way.

Google Glass is trying to change all of that.


What Google Glass Can Do

Just think, for a moment, of all the times when you’ve wished that you could have a full range of free movement while doing something on your smartphone or other handheld device.

People who particularly love to read often spend their childhood coming up with ways to keep their nose in their books while doing other things: walking, bathing, eating dinner. The advent of e-readers and smartphone reading apps made this far easier, but there are still some boring things that have to be done that you just can’t do while reading a book – cooking, for example, or the washing up. Google Glass could function as an e-reader app like the ones you have on your phone, keeping you occupied while you do chores.

Everyone has amazing experiences that they want to remember forever that are often tricky to film – something like a skydive or a bike ride, or a particularly astonishing view, or a child’s stage show performance, or even walking down the aisle. Plus, there are all the things we already often take photographs of but that are sometimes disturbed by stopping for a snapshot: holidays and nights out. Google Glass does all this non-intrusively, and means that you can have a lasting record of a parade or a boat ride without having to watch it through a camera lens while you’re actually there. Glass will let you both record your life experiences and live them.

Keeping up with your notifications throughout the day is an increasingly overwhelming task for a lot of people. One solution to this is obviously to minimise your engagement with social media, but if you’re happy with your level of engagement and just wish it took up fewer large blocks of time, Glass can provide you with a perfect way to see your notifications and emails all day long in a manner that suits you, and that doesn’t mean you have to pull out your smartphone to do it.

The Future Of Google Glass

Glass isn’t totally there yet: it’s still only really available to developers, and early retail versions have yet to be made purchasable at an achievable price. Connecting them to 3G is sometimes patchy, and they often work best with a fibre optic internet connection. There’s a way to go, but it could be a really exciting product.

They don’t currently look too intrusive – and they can be worn with contact lenses – but Google are hoping to work with companies that make sunglasses and prescription lenses to see if they can come up with Glass that will look good for everyone and that are practical for as many of their users as possible. Some people have had success wearing them over glasses, though others have said it doesn’t work well for them – your mileage may vary.

Google Glass is an emerging technology. It’s not yet quite the glittering, seamless gadget science fiction films are full of – but it’s a great deal closer than we’ve ever been before.

Martyn is student and gadget lover. He is fascinated by innovation and the way new technology impacts on our lives.

Photo by tedeytan google glass photo

Photo by tedeytan

  1. how is the view of the google glass. for what exactly purpose it is created ?

  2. I know that change cannot be hindered and this was bound to happen soon or later but personally I’m not looking forward to the day and age where these devices become cheap enough for everyone to afford. We’re becoming robotic enough without Google speeding up the process.

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