Gateways for Accepting and Processing Online Payments

Owning a merchant business in the 21st century is practically synonymous with being an online retailer. Your main commerce may involve a brick-and-mortar setting but some aspect of it will include online browsing and most likely purchasing. Becoming an ecommerce business is easy when you have an experienced credit card processing service company to help you set up for Internet purchases. Effective online payment processing is accomplished with a gateway designed for online transactions. In society’s immediate gratification mindset the gateway has to be capable of completing the payment within seconds. Customers want instantaneous response on the status of their order- was their credit or debit card approved for payment or not. As for you and your business that same response is a safeguard for your revenues!

Web Security

Protect Your Customers Information and Your Reputation

When they are on your website the customers place orders in their shopping cart. The shopping cart is connected to a payment gateway- a web-based credit card software service that processes the payments. A few major retail security breaches have made national and worldwide news reinforcing the absolute necessity of an extremely safe security platform. When you research the best platform for your business you have no choice but to look for a provider that takes security seriously. People want the confidence of shopping and using their cards with a company that takes serious measure to protect their personal and financial information. One such company, Payment Solutions Inc., uses a military-grade 128 bit SSL encryption for information processed via the Internet.

Attract Sales and Increase Profits

It’s estimated that 80% of sales online are completed because of impulse buying. You could be losing out on a lot of sales without an online portal for purchases. An established company that specializes in setting up gateways can help you realize significant percentage increases in sales and profits. You don’t have to spend a lot up front to get a lot in return. There are credit card merchant account service companies that accept payments as a small percentage of each of your completed sales. You don’t even have a software start-up cost with some very reputable companies that make it their business to help you grow your business.

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