Flexible Marketing with Digital Display Boards

For small businesses to achieve success, they should capitalize on marketing strategies that are proven to be effective. But how can they do that when they have insufficient capital? Well, that is not a problem anymore especially today when affordable technologies are everywhere. With technological advancements, the playing field is somehow leveled for small and big market players. If large corporations can afford TV and radio ads, small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) can adopt affordable yet very effective marketing tools. Some of these are SMS marketing, online stores, and e-wallets. Another great example is the digital display board.

digital boardDigital Display Boards

Display boards or billboards are like very huge posters that are strategically placed along roadways. These are also used for malls and big stores. The traditional billboards commonly use tarpaulins. These displays usually contain ads that feature the latest product or service of a company. There are a lot of businesses that even hire models and put their billboards on buildings. This has been the case for so many years. But today, display boards have evolved due to technological advancements. There are now digital display boards which are more beneficial and advantageous as compared to the traditional ones.

Advantages of Digital over Traditional Displays

Definitely, the digital versions have more benefits as compared to the traditional ones. For one, it allows for a faster updating of information. For example, if the business needs to change to content of the display on a weekly or even daily basis, it can do so with a digital display board. This is something that the traditional billboard cannot allow. It would take a whole day or more just to replace the current display with a new one. This is very advantageous when a business has a week long event and the display has to be changed daily.

Another advantage of the digital display is its cost effectiveness. How is this possible? For one, the business does not need laborers just to change the display. It works like wallpaper. Whenever you want to change it, you just have to do some clicks of the mouse or taps on the screen and the display is changed. In this way, businesses don’t need to shell out money for the workers.

Printed Displays

Though digital billboards are now more preferred than the traditional one, printed displays such as single-design displays are still used until today and for many years to come. These displays are actually still the standard when it comes to table tops and event promotions. However, there are now parts of the display that are very interactive. For example, consumers can now find links to a social sharing service or company website. They can also find QR codes. With this, consumers can reach the company even after the event.

Another good example of the printed display is table cards. These are usually found in restaurants and clubs. The interactive part of these cards is that they tell customers to take pictures of them at the event and share them later on their social networking accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. The catch is they are asked to use hashtags that are venue-specific. In this way, the business is promoted in a word of mouth manner but through the online world. This becomes another effective marketing strategy that does not require the business to shell out any single penny.

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