Unexpected Features You Can Relish On Android

In the past few years Android has got a rapid yet steady growth as a very versatile and comfortable mobile operating system. Many users have felt more freedom and comfort with Android than with any other operating system. Albeit many users have been using Android to its fullest not many would be aware of few unimaginable things that you can achieve with an android.

No one can master anything to its fullest because “Known is a drop and Unknown is an Ocean”. However, I have listed the 5 most scarcely known yet inconceivable things you must try on your Android.

  1. You can run Mac OS 7:

With help of emulators, a cross platform program called Mini vMac has been ported to Android. Mini vMac has been emulating Motorola processors since 1980’s to be capable of running the Macintosh Operating System. Mini vMac for Android will create an awesome experience of using Mac on Android. Additionally, this will allow you not only to have the user experience of Mac OS but you can create virtual hard drives, play games and use various apps like Photoshop. This is a must have feature that must be tried by all the Mac OS fans who use Android too.

  1. Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality (AR) is the buzzword these days. Smart phone users are going gaga over the augmented reality based apps and games. Especially android users have a lot to do with the augmented reality concept. The users can download few apps that will allow them to play games, get route navigation, solve crosswords, and lots more. Two of the most simple yet impressive apps are Augment and Ingress both developed by Google provides you a great AR experience. However, if you wish to go for advanced AR experience then you must pick one among iOnRoad and Word Lens which will provide you an advanced and more efficient AR experience for a charge of just $5.

  1. Starcraft Games:

Remember the most classic and conventional Starcraft game that is played on our PC? With help of certain emulators you can get that archetypal game back on our Android phone with a more responsive user experience. Winulator is the emulator that allows you to get certain windows games on your android including Caesar III. If you want a real time user experience and that classic feel of playing these games then you may need a Bluetooth enabled keyboard and mouse. The winulator comes in free beta version as well as a paid full version for $8.

  1. Want to run a Weather Station?

Interested in meteorology? Want to be your own meteorologist? What are you waiting for? Grab your android device and run your own weather station. Yes, with your android device you can run your own weather station. Weather Station is an app that is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 device, Nexus and many other phones, phablets and tablets. This will let you to have your own weather station. However only Galaxy S4 and Note III can monitor temperature and humidity but other devices handle barometric pressure very well that is very much vital to get the weather report.

  1. Mine Bitcoins:

Bitcoins is one of the most famous online digital currencies. If you have a spare android device you can mine Bitcoins or Litecoins which can yield you some virtual currencies. Although you won’t earn much, you will earn a considerable amount by running it in shared pools.

These are the most unimaginable and incredible ways in which you can use your android device. How long will you keep using calls, messages, internet, music, social media and et.al? Try these implausible apps and add fun to your android usage.

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