Way to Export Lotus Notes Calendar to ICS iCalendar

Calendars have become a critical part of business personals as they give the opportunity to schedule their upcoming tasks and meetings. This helps the professionals to arrange their day-to-day activities brilliantly and also share it. In this league, iCalendar played an important role in better sharing of calendars and consequently the schedules and event details.

With introduction to iCalendar, internet users were facilitated with a medium to send meeting requests and information about other tasks through emails or file sharing. The data of an iCalendar is saved as .ics extension. The recipient of the ICS file can respond to the schedules accordingly if they have the supportive application or email client available. The extension .ics shows that the file comprises of schedules and calendars that has MIME type content.

The advantage of using an iCalendar is it is compatible with a wide range of applications include Google Calendar, Evolution, Apple Calendar, Thunderbird, Sea Monkey etc and to some extent, with Outlook and GroupWise. Another positive point is it is independent of transport protocol.

With so many advantages of iCalendar, it is a favored choice of various users. However, talking about the need to export Lotus Notes calendar to ICS in online market has gained a lot of importance. The reasons for this need could be many and below mentioned are some of them:

Situation1: Lotus Notes being a complicated application cannot be understood by a normal user. Therefore, in an organization, employees might use different communication medium and thus to share the calendars that have meeting and events scheduled, converting NSF file calendars to ICS format is the most reliable idea.

Situation2: A business is incomplete without partnership and working cooperatively. If an organization is using Lotus Notes and the other one Outlook/GroupWise/Evolution etc, then for sharing the schedules, a quick solution for Notes to ICS conversion would be needed.

Talking about the point as how to export Lotus Notes calendar to ICS; there are third party applications available for execution of such conversions. An online explore can provide results in consideration of ways to convert NSF file calendars to iCalendar for expanding their accessibility. One amongst that innovative solution is SysTools Lotus Notes Calendar to ICS Converter that is a solution from renowned brand, specializes in conversion from Notes to iCalendar in minimum time utilization. Trial version of the software to export Lotus Notes calendar to ICS can be downloaded for evaluation of solution before purchase.

lotus notes calendar to ics

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