Exploring the Features of the Nokia Lumia 720

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Introduction to Nokia Lumia 720 and Its Basic Features

The Finnish mobile company called Nokia, released to the commercial market one of its flagship Smartphones for the first quarter of 2013. This handset is the Nokia Lumia 720. Built in 5 magnificent colors of black, cyan, red, white, and yellow, this handset has the capacity to support both 2G and 3G networks in a micro-SIM. The 4.3 inch screen displays 16 million colors in 217 ppi pixel density, allowing it to be well-lighted. Most of the Nokia Smartphones are incorporated with the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 as its operating system. The same thing goes with the Nokia Lumia 720.

Other Advanced Smartphone Attributes

There are other cool new advancements in this handy phone. One example of this is the headphone sound enhanced by Dolby Digital. It balances the bass of the sound being heard by its user therefore getting rid of any disliked cracking sounds. Another great feature of this phone is that it has a ClearBlack display. This technology decreases other reflections in the glass screen and develops clearer images especially when the unit is being used under direct sunlight. The Nokia Lumia 720 is made even more effective in connecting with other latest digital devices with its Near Field Communication or NFC mechanization. The NFC is a wireless data transfer innovation of two devices. It may also be utilized for enhancing other connectivity abilities of your phone such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Although the external memory of this Smartphone may be expanded to a maximum of 64GB, an addition to this impressive capacity is the free SkyDrive storage of 7GB. Therefore storing files in this online software application further expands the limitations in keeping important files.

Some Pros and Cons to Remember


–          This Smartphone is sold in a relatively lower price compared to other flagship Smartphones which are made by other companies.

–          The size of the screen permits the user to easily navigate the phone with a single hand.

–          The lens of its primary camera has Carl Zeiss optics which produce high quality photos and videos.


–          Since the Nokia Lumia 720 does not support Java, it is therefore limited only to the applications and software its operating system can sustain.

–          There is no built-in radio in this handy phone therefore the only way to enjoy local as well as online radio stations is to download a radio application from the online store. However, oftentimes, it requires a constant connection to the Internet.

–          The non-removable battery pack may not be very attractive to some Smartphone enthusiasts who are always on the go. Thus its user must get hold with the charger if planning to use the unit heavily.

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