Evernote and Moleskin Team Up to Improve Note-Taking Efficiency

If there is one thing that has inspired so much debate over business these days, it’s the practicality of still having paper in an office environment. With all the advancements in software, communication, and cloud-computing technology, almost any document that has to be sent from one department to another and beyond can be done online. There is harfly a need to have paper around. After all, documents can be stored and archived in digital form, cutting the costs of printing, paper, and ink.

The Argument Against Paper

This all-electronic mindset is most prevalent within a virtual office. Virtual offices are a growing trend among businesses, especially startups, which take advantage of various cloud-computing communication companies offering access to virtual systems. They operate almost entirely online, without even the need for office space. This means also cutting down on printing, ink, paper, and hardware—avoiding huge costs.

 The Argument for Retaining Paper

Although there are already companies with entirely paper-free environments, and regardless of the fact that there are huge advantages in handling everything electronically, paper cannot be truly eliminated in an office. This is especially true in large companies. There will always be employees who will continue to use paper to print out memos, scribble notes during meetings, and mark important dates and information in notebooks. This goes especially for employees who are working in the field, and cannot handily draw out a tablet for a quick jot-down.

Evernote and Moleskine create a truce in the paper/no-paper debate

It seems as though two big names on each end of the spectrum have decided to come to a compromise that would benefit everyone. Evernote is an extremely well known note-taking and productivity platform, with applications spanning various types of software and electronics. Moleskine, on the other hand, is a highly regarded and sought-after brand of notebook and paper merchandise distributor, with notebooks in high demand among artists and even businessmen as well as common consumers.

Moleskine and Evernote have decided that, by working together, they could improve note-taking efficiency. Often, using a notebook is most convenient when on the go or writing down quick notes, or for places where using electronics to type or take notes may not be welcome. After that, the notes have to be retyped or copied onto a computer.

But Evernote and Moleskine have updated the Evernote app to be able to capture and analyze the content of specialized Moleskine notebooks specifically designed to be compatible with the app. This way, the notes written down in the Moleskine notebooks can be immediately saved and transferred to the computer via the Evernote app.

This app does not merely take a photo of the Moleskine page (as some people might think). This app interprets and indexes the data taken in the specialized notebook, and allows them to be browsable and searchable via Evernote. This way, users can find the data in the pages as easily as any other note taken digitally through Evernote.

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