4 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Denmark’s Work Culture

If we consider the results of last year’s presidential decision then we can see that Bernie Sanders talked about how the USA lagged behind in many fields in comparison to the Nordic nations.

Furthermore, he particularly praised Denmark and called attention to the fact that the small Nordic nations performed well then the USA with regards to work culture.

In addition, a wide cluster of statistics proposes the reality well enough that when it’s about balancing work life and individual life both, Denmark is more than consummate!

Here I have shared some amazing statistics from Copenhagen Balance Case:

Denmark has a unique position in the world when it comes to balancing work and private life.

  • Denmark has one of the highest participation rates for women in the workforce. (75% of women are in the workforce).

  • Among all EU countries, Danish employees have the highest degree of influence over their work. (85% of employees indicate that they have an influence on their work situation).

  • Danish employees have some of the world’s most flexible work conditions. (43% of employees can regulate their work hours to meet their private needs).

  • Danish employees have some of the best maternity/paternity leaves in the world (combined one year leave per child).

Moreover, not only Denmark but also other Nordic countries have an extremely healthy work culture. And, it is one of the pinnacle reasons behind the extreme success of such organizations as the employees of the same work with all the dedication because of the colossal benefits that they get from the company.

For example, huge success of the awesome video calling company named as Tellybean suggests the same. Haven’t you heard about Tellybean yet? Well, I personally, just love this company, thanks to the fact that it has revolutionized the video calling sessions with my loved ones like never before!

Well, Today, I would particularly consider talking about Denmark’s work culture in this article as it is one of the most well-known Nordic countries. One of the eminent reasons behind such a statement from my end is that if you take a glimpse at the fourth European work conditions survey, then you can notice that Danish employees attained a first rank in terms of work satisfaction.

Here’s the accompanying graph which validates the fact:

Denmark Work Culture

Source: Oxfordresearch.dk

So, if you are an entrepreneur then it would be a great idea to enlighten yourself with the enthralling actualities of the amazing Danish work culture. Isn’t it?

Well, if you can follow the same then certainly your employees will be satisfied and fortunately you don’t have to deal with some awful reviews from their side.

Wondering what are the outstanding features of Entrepreneurs in such a stupendous work culture?

Okay, here I am with a run-down of the four most phenomenal ones. Just take a glance!

  1. A great teamwork

The Danish work culture is tied in with cooperation as opposed to setting the employees against each other. Well, irrespective of the fact that everyone competes for the good will of their boss but the competition is not institutionalized like other countries.

It’s because of such a reason there is no cutthroat competition all around the organizations and there are great opportunities to go for great teamwork.

Following statistics from the European Foundation underpins the same fact:

In a comparison of employee participation in 10 European countries, an average of 24 % of workplaces were found to have extensive joint decision-making and negotiating processes. In Sweden and Denmark the figure was 45 % and 44 %, respectively.

  1. Flexible working hours

If you even end up arriving at any Danish work place then a standout amongst the most prominent things that you can mark is that there don’t exists any immovable standards. Yes, I mean it’s quite easy for the employees to leave office at the mid of the day if they have some important personal work.

And, then they can do the rest of the work from home or anywhere.

In such a scenario, no one will come up and attack them with heap of inquiries like why? How? What? And so on!

One of the most conspicuous reasons why Denmark has such an incredible work-life balance is a result of the reason that the nation has countless moms with very young children, always ready for shopping, traveling and for adventures.

So, Denmark’s work culture is depicted in an exceptionally adaptable manner to keep their life bother free.

As per the OxfordSearch, the employee demand for flexible work hours is due to the fact that the majority of both men and women work. Denmark ranks second amongst OECD countries in terms of the percentage of working mothers with children under age 2 (OECD 2005), and flexible hours are essential for these two-income families.

This is not the end! You can even get a glimpse of the three more sets of proven data from Great Place to Work and European Foundation mentioned underneath that strongly support the fact which I explained above.

Great Place to Work revealed in 2009 that among 1,350 European workplaces, a Danish company earned the European Special Award in Work-life-balance.

And European Foundation reported in 2007 “within the EU21, flexible work hours are most common in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.” They had added “Denmark ranks highest amongst the EU27 countries in terms of employee autonomy.

Autonomy is the employee’s freedom to exercise control over the work process, the freedom to choose working partners and the ability to take short breaks when needed.”

  1. An extremely great non-hierarchical structure

According to Gavin Moore, head of traffic and brand at Danish Startup Betting Expert, management in Denmark never create any hierarchic scenario in the workplaces. You can often find managers mingling with the teams and communicating with them even during the break times.

What’s more, this is a direct result of such a conduct from the higher authorities; there remain a consistent solid and upbeat ambiance in the work places.

According to Forbes, the flexibility to go to a dental appointment during the workday was a refreshing change from fitting it in outside of office hours. That kind of autonomy can make employees feel more trusted and appreciated.

  1. Combat job lock

Who wants to remain stuck in an exhausting job? Nobody! Right? Well, Denmark understands this fact perfectly! And, that’s why; Denmark’s entrepreneurs take every viable initiative against job lock while making the employees feel happy about their presence at the workplaces.

It’s due to such a fact, Danish employees feel free to speak up about their roles and responsibilities which they are presently in but unfortunately they are not satisfied with. And, moreover, the employers get empowered even to place the employees in the perfect roles where they will thrive best.

The most effective way through which Denmark fights against job lock is offering unemployed individuals 90% of their former salary for two years.

Well, so what are you waiting for? If you are leading your own business then just opt for these potent strategies which have been believed by Denmark’s great entrepreneurs for years. And,  you will be able to keep your employees satisfied, enhancing your ROI like never before!

About the author:

Clara Decker is the marketing manager at CouponsMonk.com, deals and discounts provider company. She is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Clara also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

  1. Denmark’s entrepreneurs take every viable initiative against job lock while making the employees feel happy about their presence at the workplaces.

  2. This is actually a good working culture. India should also follow the same.

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