SEO 101 for Entrepreneurs: Email Marketing boost for SEO campaigns

Email Marketing: Giving SEO Campaign a Boost

As we know, search engine optimization is the backbone of all your digital marketing efforts, and there are a lot of activities and strategies associated with it. The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs now is to identify the consumer preference to devise the right SEO tactics and attract more users towards their website.

Blogging SEO Tips 2015

When it comes to SEO, there are two major components:

  • On-site optimization
  • Off-site optimization
  • On-site: With on-site optimization, SEO experts aim to improve the layout and performance of a website by producing high-quality contents and images, and by targeting specific keywords.Other site modifications may also be required to make the website more relevant to the target audience.
  • Off-site: In off-site SEO, the major activities include posting informative contents at other websites and blogs. The objective of off-site optimization is to build relevant inbound links to the website that is being optimized. The primary goal of off-site optimization is to increase traffic.

Along with these two core activities, there are peripheral ways to complement SEO such as hiring experts of social media marketing in Mumbai for increasing popularity. The professionals can also help you make use of the power of email marketing to easily and instantly reach out to the target users.

Importance of email marketing

If you have bought in the misconception that email marketing is outdated, you need to change your mind! The truth is that the power of email as the most popular mode of internet communication never faded.

Email has the capacity to directly influence people, and in turn, enhance your visibility and reach to the global community.

Here, we will discuss some of the major advantages of email marketing that you can use to give your SEO efforts a massive boost.

  • Getting more inbound links – The number of links to your website directly influences your domain authority. There is no doubt that domain authority is a crucial factor in SEO, and email marketing can prove to be an effective way to get your target audience link to your posts and pages.
  • On-site engagement – When it comes to the value of your web page being assessed by the search engines, it is essential to have a high number of active and engaged users with lower bounce rates and higher time spent on the pages. Email marketing is the proven way to share your valuable offers and get your audience to come back to your site frequently.
  • Promotion of content – Email marketing can also be used to enhance the visibility of content. You may have seen most of the brands send a bimonthly or monthly newsletter for the consumers to get access to the latest happenings. Doing it effectively can attract more inbound links and traffic to help your SEO efforts.

With this, we can surely say that email marketing is an essential aspect of online marketing that helps you build brand recognition, retain customers, communicate easily and instantly with them, and also to help assist your overall SEO efforts.

If you do it in an organized manner, email marketing can give you the exact stats about customer engagement, which can help you to develop more effective long-term SEO campaigns.

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