Downright Affordable Pantech Flex

Smartphones are considered the new breed of cellphones. These are now preferred over phones that only offer Wi-Fi capabilities. When android technology was introduced to the market, this received mixed reviews. Some people were not impressed while there are also those who were more than awestruck. Well, that was then. Today, smartphones have gained respect because these proved capable of giving support especially to the working class. These allow you to perform tasks that were only possible in your dreams if you lived in an older era. You do not usually come across a cheap sustainable Smartphone. The Pantech Flex might change your mind.




The Pantech Flex is very thin at 5.11×2.64x.31 inch dimensions. It is actually one of the slimmest smartphones capable of LTE support. It is considered one of the best phones produced by Pantech so far. It sports an industrial design and feels rock solid on your palm. The plastic body is of the durable variety, finished with a touch of metallic plate at the back, which in a quirky way gives the impression of being tough. With its thinness, it is very easy to hold even if you have small hands. The navigation buttons are virtual, just like that of the Motorola Droid Razr M. One weird notable characteristic of the Pantech Flex is its power button. It is situated halfway on the right side of the phone. If you have used a Smartphone with the power on top, this could get a bit of getting used to.


This baby is powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor with a RAM of 1GB. Quad-core processors may already be out in the market but the dual-core is still luscious enough to get you through the business and simple applications. It may lag in complicated applications that require higher processor, but if you are not really a game enthusiast, this phone will do just fine. If you plan to use it for RingCentral call conferencing, you may encounter some problems because voice quality does not transmit clearly, despite noise reduction capabilities. What it lacks in its call quality, makes up for its excellent data speeds. You will not have any problems browsing through web pages and downloading data from the Internet. Its battery can last for more than 4 hours with heavy use. The Pantech Flex comes with Android Ice Cream Sandwich with an overlay of either Pantech Easy Experience of Pantech Standard Experience. If you choose the Pantech Standard Experience, you will be treated to a more colorful interface while the Pantech Standard Experience will give you stock Android Ice Cream Sandwich.


The Pantech has an 8-megapixel camera that takes decent pictures. However, these are not as crisp and outstanding as that of the photos taken by an iPhone 5. You may still need to bring your digital camera with you if you want to immortalize special moments on your vacations. There is a lag when focusing on the subjects and videos taken will not be as clear as you would like these to be. Needless to say, it will not do a good job at filming videos.

If you are on a budget, the Pantech Flex is an affordable option that will allow you to do simple tasks. Given the price, do not expect it to work as well as an iPhone 5. It looks good enough, but if you want something that can make clear calls, save a little more and buy a more powerful smartphone.

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