Domino/Notes to Exchange Migration Project Plan Brings Successful Conversion Results

A planned migration action always leads to bring absolute results like when the need is for Domino/Notes to Exchange migration. Organizations are becoming organized in this task. They perform data migration within a strict disciplinary. There are number of satisfied and dissatisfied users of IBM Lotus Notes. Users who are dissatisfied with Lotus Notes look forward to move into Exchange environment. But without proper planning, the task is tough and risky as well. Thus, Notes to Exchange migration project plan should be followed. For execution of planning, you should have powerful professional software tool.

Execute your Migration Plan by Following Given Below Points:

1) Objective of the Project: In an organization, all the employees and project, both go hand in hand. Both of them must aim for the project target. In order to achieve the target, one should have best of the best online conversion solution.

2) Plan the data migration: While making planning for data migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange, there should be presence of employees is a must to remember point. They should know how the professional tool will migrate data. You must take view points of all the employees regarding software to know likes and dislikes for tool.

3) Give info about new email platform: Before you move in to Exchange server environment, it is your duty to let your employees know all about Exchange server functionality and in what way Exchange is better than Lotus Notes. For making better understanding, you can conduct sessions, where experts can give training on Exchange. You also must inform employees the reasons for leaving Lotus Notes.

4) Choose External migration tool but with care: In the Entire Domino to Exchange Migration project plan, you must concentrate on availing right product. It is very difficult to have right tool in your hand. While choosing online conversion tool, you must follow given below advises:

Tool Characteristics:

  •  Tool must provide you freeware demonstration facility for evaluating product’s capabilities and abilities
  • Software must be possessed with superb technologies
  • Tool should be convenient and effective in usage
  • Tool should support all of the Lotus Notes and Exchange versions so that you are not restricted from using tool

Success behind Notes to Exchange migration project plan: For migrating Lotus Notes NSF files to Exchange, you can make use of Mail Migration Wizard software tool. This application is a total solution which provides you ease of working, has active online support team, understandable demo version, etc. Cost wise also, tool is affordable.

See the Simple Steps to Run Domino to Exchange Migration Process:

1) After Installing Program the screen will come with the 4 options, select the option as per you requirement.


2) Connect to Domino server, so enter Domino server name and password, Click Log-on.


3) Get into the screen to confirm selection criterion with options and click Export

• Select items as mails, contacts, calendar, tasks and journals from Server

• Apply email filter, calendar filter and To do list filter


4) Browse folder to save migrated Domino mailbox data as Exchange server mailbox in desired location, Click “OK”


5) Current status of the migration process will be displayed to ensure process progress


6) Pop up message says migration completed successfully will confirm Domino mailbox to Exchange conversion process. Click “OK”


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