The Difference That Operating Systems Make In Smartphones

Smartphones function because of operating systems. Simply put an operating system manages the devices within the Smartphones. It is the reason why you are able to make phone calls, send text messages, surf the Internet, take pictures with your camera, and listen to your favorite radio programs. Without the operating system, your cell phone would be another piece of junk.

operating systemsAside from being the one responsible for managing the devices inside the Smartphone, the operating system also interprets human commands into a language that the Smartphone understands. This is another important reason why you could use your Smartphone.

One must keep in mind however that each brand of Smartphones has its own operating system.  Why? It’s part of the competition that has been going on among makers of Smartphones. Some of these Smartphone companies are Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Alcatel, Sony Ericsson, and Blackberry. Recently, Microsoft came up with its brand of cell phone. Each one claims that its operating system is better than the other. It is for this reason that you also inquire about the smartphones operating  system before deciding on buying it.

Here are other reasons why operating systems are a big deal when deciding which Smartphone to buy.

  • Not all application software or apps run on the same software.  There is apps or application software that is designed to run only on an IOS, Android, or Blackberry platform. You would notice this when you download an app and try to run it on your phone. If the app does not run, then it was not designed to run on the operating system your Smartphone  is currently using. This is why you ask the storekeeper what kind of operating system the phone that you want uses. You want to make sure that you would be able to use the app that you had in mind.
  • Android phones like the ones that RingCentral offers along with their products currently enjoy a big edge over other phones like the iPhone and the Blackberry phone because of the big number of apps that can be used with the Android operating system.  It’s really all about apps. This is also the reason why other phone Smartphone companies like Huawei and Alcatel makes use of the Android operating system because of the large demand for apps that can be used with this operating system. Of course, there are also Android apps that could also be used with Blackberry and iPhone models. Yet, these two phone companies have some apps that can only be used with their phones.
  • Not all devices built into Smartphones run on the same operating system. When Smartphone manufacturers have a phone camera manufacture this device for their phone, you are certain that such camera would only work with the phone’s operating system. The same thing can be said for MP3 players, FM tuners, and the likes. So if you are looking for a particular device that runs on  a Smartphone, you must also ascertain the operating system the phone uses.

These are but a few of the many reasons Smartphone manufacturers continue to improve and upgrade the operating system of their phones. Lately, Nokia switched to using Windows as the operating system for its latest model of Smartphones instead of the Symbian operating system that it has been using since Nokia first entered the cellphone or Smartphone industry.  Companies do this to keep up with the latest  apps that are being developed for use with Smartphones.

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