The arrival of “Cut the Rope” for Android

Recently arrived for the Android, ‘Cut the Rope’ has instantly managed to catch the attention of savvy mobile gamers out there. It’s still far from reaching the famous Angry Birds, yet it’s a breakthrough that will dazzle you whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or not.

‘Cut the Rope’ game fits into the puzzle category, and all you have to do is feed a green monster called Omnom with a piece of candy. The candy is hung from a rope which is very elastic and constantly affected by physics. Cut different ropes using your finger as a cutter in order to collect as many stars as possible, and eventually feed the candy to the monster.

Cut-the-Rope Android

Cut The Rope is provided with simple but incredible touchscreen controls meant to keep the atmosphere frenetic while you cut strategic placed ropes using a single-fingered swipe and you pop bubbles with the simplest tap on the screen. This game requires rapid responses to all types of delicate situations and it may take some time until you get used to the controls. ‘Cut The Rope’ is a great game and is made even more enjoyable by the monster’s gestures, as he gets increasingly impatient and disappointed when he sees that you can’t manage to get the candy into his mouth.

‘Cut the Rope’ is not different from other puzzle games for the Android, meaning that it was developed for a simple premise.

If you want to achieve a 100% completion, you will have to collect all the stars. Stars act as keys to new different levels, and can also get you access to amazing unseen worlds that will keep your interest alive. If you’re a highly competitive player, you will be pleased to find out that Cut the Rope uses Scoreloop, the perfect tool for score leader boards.


‘Cut the Rope’ will make a good impression on you, although it doesn’t take players to the 3D world. The game features high-quality graphics that are rich in color, and very well done physics. The game becomes more visual when you have to find a way to get the candy to the green monster and pass through several obstacles. The sound effects on this game are pleasing, cheerful, and of the highest quality, just like the graphics as you get at Mario Games 365.


The name is pretty suggestive because the game consists in cutting ropes but it’s not as simple as it seems. You can feed the critter inside the box only by cutting the rope that the candy is swinging from. Once you get the candy into the monster’s mouth, you are taken to the next level. Although the game may seem easy at the beginning, it gets increasingly harder as you finish more levels.

For example, you can have a piece of candy that is hung from several ropes, and you may have to cut the ropes in the correct order so that the candy gets to the critter. Step by step, everything will get even trickier, the player having to deal with dynamic ropes, spikes, or even bubbles. The greatest changes appear as soon as you move from a box to another.

Collecting stars on each level is as important as feeding the green little monster. They are not compulsory but they can add more points to your score, and it will additionally make the game more challenging for competitive players who want to benefit from an engaging mobile experience. If you miss one of the stars in one of the levels, you’ll have to restart as many times as required to collect the needed stars.

Replay Value

‘Cut the Rope’ comes in seven boxes and each one of them consists of at least 25 levels. If you think of the total number of levels and add the desire of getting a high score and collecting all the available stars, you’ll soon realize that this game will last a while. And to make things even more challenging, ZeptoLab has taken the commitment to create even more levels. If you start playing this game now, you will be in shape at that moment. Cutting ropes can be so much fun and it’s an excellent Android game you’ll definitely adore even if you’re not a game enthusiast.

  1. I never loved Angry Birds much. This is my favorite game. I like playing it on my Windows 8 PC rather than an Android. Anyway, I can give it a shot :)

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