How to create android apps without codes

How to become a millionaire with minimal investment? Well the answer to this question is simple and highly recommended, “Design and Develop your Own Android App”

Just imagine: you develop an android app for a couple of dollars, and this app is being downloaded say, a million to two million times in a few months, you will be worth more than two million dollars, for every download of your app in just a few months.

Create Android Apps without any code

Then this app would make you more money from advertising and making it available in app-purchases. And this same android app would come handy to promote and sell other android apps developed by you.

App Development and Coding,

You cannot develop an android app without any codes; an app cannot function unless it is programmed with instructions (codes). The syntax will determine all the movements of the given characters, with the type of programs the app is designed to offer and this is interconnected with all the other functions and uses of the given app. In other words, “If no code available, no android app can be developed”. All the android apps developed and the so called apps that have no codes, already comes with preset codes.

App Stimulation for Phones and Tablets,

Depending on what type of gadget you are using to design the app, phone or tablet you will find a virtual icon on the top left hand side of the screen with the tools setting and couple of other options. You need to access these options and use the tools to develop your android app. Use a blank screen on your Android gadget (phone or tablet) to start designing. Select the coding tool from the list; note: this coding tool may already have access to send and receive e-mails, tweet and access other social networking sites. Then log on to any application creators on the net. is one of the best and most popular android  app creators on the internet, and is free for all to use. You only have to pay appmakr when your app has become popular and is ready to be sold on app-purchases or when you want to reproduce the same app for Windows and Apple. To design your app using appmakr is very simple; appmakr uses point and click applications to design apps. The same can be used to develop and syndicate your web content for your homepage.  All these designing and developing needs just a line of coding.

Guide Lines to follow in creating Android Apps:

  • Know the basics of coding. If you want to design top quality Android apps like Bebbled or sketch online, it is mandate to have firsthand experience in advanced coding. This can be learnt from various short term courses for coding, online. You will start to gain more knowledge as you start designing your app using appmakr and other creators.
  • Once you have designed your app test it using Trial and error basis, try to download your app on a tablet or phone and see for yourself hoe it functions. Getting an expert’s opinion will certainly help.
  • Patient is something you need to develop if you are going to make it big for the first time. Some of the most popular games like Angry Birds took 7 years to get where they are.
  • Always be open to feedbacks and criticisms.

All this comes down to being open, having a creative mind and lots of determination.

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