Copylogic Receives 5 Star Konica Accreditation

Photocopier supplier Copylogic has been rewarded for its excellent services with a five star grading in the Konica Minolta Service Accreditation Programme.

Only the most prestigious of sellers are recipients of this particular label, with most authorised dealers falling into the three or four star categories.

In order to qualify for the Accreditation Programme, regardless of the star rating, suppliers must demonstrate that they can meet servicing guidelines issued by the manufacturer.


3 Star Accreditation

For a 3 star grading, sellers must meet certain requirements in the areas of Training, Field Service Calls, Service Call Processing and Customer Satisfaction.


  • The dealer must ensure Engineer product training standards are adhered to.
  • The dealer must show evidence of advanced Engineer training (advanced colour profiling, customer awareness, networking theory etc.).
  • The dealer must show evidence that technicians can advance customer support though the use of IT facilities.
  • The dealer must ensure each technician can login in to manufacturer’s technical website.
  • The dealer must show evidence of field accompaniment with field based technicians with training requirements.

Field Service Calls

  • Provide evidence of a minimum call procedure.
  • Call handling
  • Provide evidence of a call escalation procedure for both technical assistance and parts requirements.
  • Provide evidence that engineers carry a minimum amount of spare parts to ensure the minimisation of down time.

Service Call Processing

  • An electronic call handling system is in place.
  • A machines service history is always available to the engineer on-site.
  • Supplier shows ability to a process of monitoring machines performance in line with manufacturer guidelines.
  • Supplier shows processes and procedures that ensure any technical related issues are escalated to the manufacturer in the correct manner.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Supplier must record customer satisfaction surveys carried out.

4 Star Accreditation

To receive four star accreditation, dealers must have met all of the above standards listed in the 3 star section, as well as the following:

Show evidence of advanced customer support

  • Schedule regular service meetings, possibly with attendance of the manufacturer.
  • Show evidence of technician performance reviews.
  • Service management of the supplier should attend all manufacturer seminars and training sessions relevant to them.

5 Star Accreditation

This is the highest accreditation mark offered by Konica Minolta. Top quality suppliers are awarded this grade if they meet all expectations detailed in 3 and 4 star, plus additional requirements of the accolade CleverPress 3.

“Our CleverPress 3 accreditation enables our Dealers to sell, support and maintain our high level Production Print products. Each Dealer achieving this status will be audited to very high standards to ensure they have the required support and service structures to enable them to support end users in the demanding environment of Production Print.” – Konica Minolta

The fact that Copylogic has met all the standards set out by Konica Minolta shows the efficiency and effectiveness of the services it provides. If you’re looking for a supplier that will offer you such quality at great prices, then contact Copylogic for further information.

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