Where does a content marketing specialist fit in with your internet business?

A content marketing specialist is the last piece of your online business jigsaw puzzle. You have the business, the products and the will to go it alone, but you have little or no idea about how to promote your business online. You know it has something to do with high ranking in Google, but that is the sum of your knowledge. The content marketing specialist is the person who will help grow your business online through tried and trusted web marketing techniques.index


The future of internet marketing

The future of internet marketing is making a personal connection with every visitor you are able to drive to your website. There are four steps to content marketing which, as shown in the infographic above would appear to be a simple, straightforward process. They are:

  • Generate inbound traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Conversion
  • Acquire

Simple enough it may seem; however, in reality it is, without the relevant knowledge which stems from consistent in-depth research, much harder to achieve. Recent changes to the Google search engine some nine months ago at the time of writing moved the goal posts. The emphasis in search is now quality content both on site and off site, as well as personal contact with consumers.

There is much we could talk about in the new landscape, but for now let’s look at one aspect of a typical strategy a content marketing agency will use on behalf of their clients – social media. The explosion and rapid adoption of various social media platforms has marked a fundamental shift in the way businesses interact with visitors, potential customers and customers.

Engagement on a one to one level

Social media is a way of engaging people on a one to one level. No longer are consumers prepared to sit around and be a passive viewer in the sales and marketing process. By way of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other social networking platforms, people are now in contact like no other time in history. Armed with information, news, views and an opinion of their own, it is essential you engage them in a positive manner.

The problem for most website owners and webmasters is not the engaging; rather it is knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it. What you say must be interesting, delivered in a timely manner and it must be relevant and share benefits to the recipient. If it conforms to this then the chances are the message will be shared with people they are in touch with.

For the most part though internet marketing isn’t the strong suit of most website owners; it is therefore perhaps a wise decision to check out what an internet marketing agency can do for you. The worst that can happen is you make the enquiry and decide to go no further.

On the other hand, statistics show that when a website owner does place their internet marketing in the hands of a specialist, that relationship remains true for a very long time indeed.

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