Cloud Magic is the New Name in Managing Data Through the Cloud

There’s certainly no shortage of cloud-based data stored on the internet. There are numerous ways to store data online: for example, basically every major social media platform is now a means of storing photos through galleries. As a means of file transfer, some sites have private messaging capable of having photos and documents attached via email (eg. Facebook). For direct file storage, there is Dropbox, Box, 4shared, Mediafire—the list goes on, but these cloud-storage sites are capable of storing gigabytes of data online for users.

Why store in the cloud?

Why should anyone store files in the cloud anyway? For one thing, it’s a whole lot easier to send things to one another online. There’s no waiting time, because everything is already uploaded. It’s just a matter of sending the download link to the person involved. Secondly, the data in the cloud can be shared. People who make use of a virtual office, the ones who converse via voip services and the like, do most of their communication via the internet. A lot of the data is transferred online and therefore it is easiest for them to keep most of their data in the online world, where others can access them with little trouble.

So what does Cloud Magic do?

Cloud Magic is a search engine that traverses through a myriad of sites in which data is stored. Your data could be saved in more than one cloud storage site, and having to trawl through each and every one of them looking for a specific note or photo often takes more time than you have. In order to improve efficiency, Cloud Magic scours all of these sites for you and helps you find what you need.

Cloud Magic began as a cross-platform cloud-search browser extension, primarily designed to search Gmail. Businessmen and employees whose inboxes are inundated with a lot of emails every day can understand that sometimes not even filters can help you sort things out when you’re trying to look for specific data. But Cloud Magic sorts through everything and finds what you need through the keyword you type in.

What platforms does it cover?

As said before, Cloud Magic began with Gmail. It then started to expand to Android and iOS platforms, and then began adding search capabilities through platforms like Google (Docs, Calendar, Contacts) and Microsoft Exchange, which are all frequently in use in business and data management. Then Twitter took it up, further expanding the scope it covers.

Recently, Cloud Magic underwent a huge overhaul. With the advent of version 2.0, the application undergone a redesign, introduced access through more services: Facebook, Box, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, AOL,, GMX, and Office 365. Along with these additional services, the iPad version of the app was introduced.

Through CloudMagic, it’s even easier to find what you need through all your cloud-based accounts, making file transfer and storage even more efficient.

  1. This looks cool but are there any other apps that sync all of your cloud based content in one place? (i want to compare before i choose one).

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