Cloud Computing Lets You Take Your Office with You

iStock_000018660718Medium_cropBeing flexible in the management of one’s business allows businessmen like you to provide for the needs of your customers regardless of your location or the situation which you are in. Thanks to the latest advancements in the field of science and technology, you don’t have to always be in your office in order to answer queries or process orders coming from your customers. The big leap in communications technology has freed the telephone from lines that used to keep it tied down only to one location. People can now carry their phones with them wherever they go.

The mobility of today’s phones especially smartphones allow you to entertain calls coming from your customers anywhere you go. It’s just like having an office on wheels. With the help of cloud computing services such as the one you can get from RingCentral, you can have your calls forwarded to your mobile phone whenever the customer makes a call to your business phone.  When telephones used to be limited only to one location, the poor customer would have to wait for you or any of your assistants to be at the office before they can have their calls attended to.

Because smartphones allow you to make use of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, you can receive calls coming from customers who make use of their personal computers, laptop computers, tablet computers, or smartphones. You too can make phone calls over Skype with the use of your smartphones. This allows you to save a lot of money on calls especially long distance charges. VoIP also bridges the great distance that separates you and your customers. Even if your customers or you are in a faraway place, you could still talk to each other without having to worry about long distance charges.

Aside from allowing you and your customers to make use of VoIP, cloud computing allows you to access information from your office database regardless of your location. This enables you to provide necessary information to the customer there and then without having to wait to get back to the office. That’s because cloud computing allows your devices to be connected in a cloud. This is important because giving the customer the information he or she needs allows him or her to make fast decisions about purchasing your product or service.

Cloud computing does not only give you flexibility when it comes to attending to calls coming from your customers; it also allows you to send fax messages while on the move. So even if you do not have a fax machine or you are away from your office where you have a fax machine, you could still fax important documents to your customers or your business partners with the use of your smartphone.

Furthermore, this technology allows you and your assistants to keep in touch with each other. You can hold meetings right there in the field without you having to face each other in the conference room at the office. In addition to this, you and your assistants can access information that you need because you and your assistants have your devices linked in a cloud. This allows you to be more efficient in running your business regardless of your location. Now who says you have to be in your office all day just to be able to manage your business?

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