Choosing The Best TV for 2015

The last decade has seen a revolution in TV tech. This year we have seen some amazing new televisions designs and some not so good television productions. The TV market is big and the options are many. It can be hard to decide on your dream TV, but it’s not impossible. Buying a new TV doesn’t have to break the bank; there are some great devices at some great price points. Here’s how to choose the best TV for 2015:

The Room.

Before you consider buying a new TV, you need to consider the room it will go in and what you want out of the TV. Consider how much wall space you have and the size of the room in general. You don’t want to buy a TV that’s too small and feels insignificant on the wall. You don’t want a TV that’s too large and won’t fit properly in the space.

Smart TV of 2015 compared

The Placement

Leave yourself at least 6 inches from any side walls. Consider the placement of the TV. If it’s too high on the wall you will fell like you are looking up the whole time and that can get uncomfortable. If it’s too low you might block some people’s view. You want to TV to be slightly above your line of sight at viewing level., that’s the place you will be sitting and watching. Flat screens can make placement a whole lot easier than traditional TVs or projection TVs, both of which are on the way out.


Also consider the lighting of the room. If you’re going to be watching TV during the day, make sure the sun will not glare out the picture. If your going to be watching mostly at night make sure its not close to any room lighting which can effect the picture quality. LED and LCD TVs with matte screens are the best bet for any room with lots of light.

Smart or Not

If you’re looking for a new TV you should be considering a smart TV. Smart TVs are equipped with easy internet access so that you can more easily hookup to online programing and internet based services. This can be a great option if you have a service like direct TV.

Using a service like direct TV with a smart TV opens up a whole new world of options. Download and stream video with a click of a button, hook up to movies, social media, view digital home videos and personal pictures all through your smart package. Make sure you consult an availability checker to ensure you have access and then enjoy the marriage of unbelievable media provision and smart technology. Smart TV is sure to be the industry standard as TV tech and provider tech push innovation into the future.

Primary Use

When choosing a room consider how the TV will be primarily used and then think about seating. If your going to be watching a lot of sports games with friends and family you may need to fit a lot of seating in the room. Be sure the TV will provide good views from multiple and off angles. If you like watching movies in the dark, you may want to consider a projector and theater seating.

Sports fans should look at Plasma, LCD/LED, or OLED. LCD and LED t.v.s have been are the market for a while now and have proven themselves as great options. OLED is brand new tech and could be the leader in the future. OLED TVs are more expensive right now, but as the technology becomes more ubiquitous the prices should fall.

Movie and TV fans should look for plasma TVs, LCDs, and projectors. Plasma TVs have amazing picture quality and can offer a spectacular movie experience, but the room has to be very dark. Plasma TVs can have image burn if left on pause for too long. Most new Plasma TVs have fixed this problem but not all of them.

Projectors have been the king of the movie watching since its invention, and 2015 is no different. Projectors can have amazing image quality and the screen size is only limited by the size of your wall. This means a very big picture. It can difficult to hookup external devices and you have to be able to mount the projector in a good spot for full effect.

Viewing Distance

Consider the distance between the TV and the seating. Too far away and you might lose detail, and too close some TV’s can be too bright. The distance can also help you decide on screen size. Projectors need a lot of room and flat screens can fit in your bathroom.

When it come to screen size bigger is better. TV tech is changing fast and sizes keep getting bigger and cheaper. But don’t jut buy the biggest TV you can afford. Viewing distance will help determine what size TV will be best in the room. 

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