Better Choice: Laptop or Tablet?

Are you planning to get a portable computing device? Then, you can choose between laptop and tablet. Laptop and tablet are different from each other. The functionality of both devices are also different. A little difficulty may occur when choosing between the two. They may serve advantages on your part but remember that there also cons that comes with each device.

Below are several points of comparison between a laptop and tablet:

Laptops vs Tablets

Physical Attributes

Laptop: It’s heavier, obviously. A laptop is considered a personal computer with attached keypad. The modern laptops these days has a smart face recognition feature and gesture input functionality. For heavy typers like me, laptop is a good choice. Generally, the laptop screen ranges from 10.6 to 20 inches diagonally. The resolution may be vary from 1280 x 800 to 1680 x1050.

Tablet: It is a one-piece computer device and more portable than a laptop. Lightweight so you can carry it everywhere without any hassle. It can be operate with the use of gesture control, stylus, viz, finger-touch. The screen ranges from 7 to 10 inches while the resolution varies from 1280 x 800 to 2560 x1600. Typing activities may be inaccurate, not easy and fast.

Battery Life

Laptop: Laptop’s battery is powerful but does not go beyond 4 hours unlike tablet. The reason is laptops are carrying heavy hardware that accumulates intensely the battery life.

Tablet: The battery life usually lasts up to 10 hours before the next recharge. It uses light hardware components so the battery becomes efficient.


Laptop: The heavy hardware assembly of a laptop allows the user to perform heavy-duty activities, like typing for longer hours, with easy and good pacing. What you can do to personal computer or PC can also be done with laptop and more personal. The screen is also an advantage to the user along with keyboard that allows easier navigation. Laptop is a device that can stand alone.

Tablet: Basically, a tablet is being used for lighter tasks like internet browsing or playing music. A personal feel on operating experience. If a group of people will look at the tablet’s screen, they won’t see it because the screen is too small for group sharing.


Laptop: The prices for laptop can be flexible. But of course, it will always depend on the need and brand. Usually, a laptop ranges from $300 to $1500.

Tablet: Usually, tablet is a fancy device that comes with fancy price as well. The average price for a tablet is $500.


Laptop: If you are working into lengthy files or editing a high-resolution images, then laptop should be the one you are using. It gives your more screen space to work on. Plus the mouse can help you to precise manipulation whatever is on your screen.

Tablet: E-books are best to be read on tablet. It gives the user a better reading experience. But tablets can’t multitask unlike laptop.

Remember when buying a device, make sure that it suits your needs and can help you achieve your goal – whether for school or work. It’s not about what’s in but what is essential to your lifestyle.

About the Author:

Lissie Mason is a student for graduate school and at the same time, a freelance writer for She juggle her time between attending academic works, mini travel and freenlancing.

  1. Nice Post. I am Using Acer Laptop. it’s Given me high Recommended. I am Using it for last 5 years. so I Am Not Interested on Tablet. Because My Some Friend Using Tablet but thy suffering many problem with their Tablet Pc. so I Think Laptop is Best from Tablet.

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