A cell phone tracker is nothing if it lacks these essential features

With the boom that mobile tracking apps have seen in the past year or so, many new entrants have entered in the industry to try their luck. Some have come, made a temporary mark and then left the scene while others are still out there but with no innovation. Geo-fencing is the latest technology mobile tracking software offer and if your cell phone tracker app doesn’t offer this feature, it’s almost useless.

How cell phone tracker helps makes a difference?

If you get a mobile tracker that really works, your half a job as a parent is done. You can get to know where they really are even if you’re not there with them. And this is the single most disturbing question for kids that parents ask them too often, ’where are you right now and when are you coming back?’

cell phone tracker

Same applies to employers who need to know if their sales team or delivery boys are where they really should have been or just making detours or partying on company’s dime. But if you have installed a quality mobile phone tracking app on their phones secretly, not only will you be able to track their exact location but can also check on their phone usage data remotely! Yes, your target phone user will never get to know about that.

StealthGenie: my savior!

I was lucky enough to find StealthGenie because so far, I am quite satisfied with its speed, stealth and easy to operate Control Panel. It has helped me great deal to keep an eye on my kid’s whereabouts and I get to know what he is doing at that place! With two jobs a day, it does make parenting easy for me.

Geo-fencing features is truly amazing

But I love StealthGenie for Geo-fencing feature. This feature alone has helped me more than anything! It was when I started suspecting my son to be into drugs that I installed StealthGenie into his phone. I entered the school address and that of my home in Control Panel as unsafe and safe zones respectively. Now, even at office I get to know when he leaves for school, when he reaches there and when he gets back home. If there is any delay from his usual times, I start listening to his phone surroundings or check his SMS to know if he’s meeting a drug supplier. The best part is that StealthGenie gives me instant automatic alerts through SMS or emails so I don’t have to constantly sign in to check on him.

If your tracker app doesn’t have, it’s time to switch!

I have told it to all my colleagues and friends and I’m saying to you too that if your cell phone tracker app doesn’t have Geo-fencing feature it is almost useless because it’s time to take hassle-free child monitoring one step ahead! I’d give StealthGenie full marks for making life and parenting so easy for me!

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