Can Laptops compete with Ultrabooks?

Ultrabooks are making a lot of heads turn with their slim and attractive look. In addition to being thin and fashionable, they show no signs of compromising on power and battery life. Ultrabooks are also portable just like laptops. Yet, there is something about the lap tops that still make them the most sought after choice. It has been predicted that ultrabooks will soon be a hot commodity in the market and replace the classic laptops. Now that is something time has to decide.

  • Laptops in general are portable and they come in various designs and models. The size of the displays could be in the range of 13 to 20 inches and their weight varies between three to 18 pounds. They are noted for their huge variety of features. You can use them just like a computer and also carry them anywhere you go.
  • Ultrabooks are equally thin and in fact much thinner than lap tops. They have sharp and striking features and the screen size is between 11.6 to 15.6 inches wide. They comprise of processors that run on low voltage and have a good battery life.

Both Ultrabooks and laptops share several things in common, so it would be better to consider them as pals instead of rivals. Ultrabooks are generally backed by Intel ULV processors and SSDs. There are also certain laptops which run using similar processors. Usually not all laptops are backed by Intel ULV processors and SSDs.  You can think of ultrabooks as thinner versions of laptops. There are just a few minor details that differentiate them both.

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two. The major difference between the two lies in their size. Laptops weigh more and are thicker as well. The quality of ultrabooks is better as they are made of materials such as aluminum and glass whereas; you will find only certain business ultra-portable laptops with such materials. Ultrabooks have shallow keys and this is one area where laptops dominate them. Laptops have more space to accommodate comfortable keyboards. Ultrabooks on the other hand come with backlit keyboards which is not normally available in all laptop models.

The hardware is quite different for the two. Ultrabooks are designed using Intel ULV platform. So you can expect more efficiency and battery life. You can use them for more than five hours in one day. It is not possible to remove the battery from an Ultrabook. Laptops are different. Some of the models run for almost 10 hours in a single day and the batteries are easily replaceable. Ultrabooks are considered portable devices where laptops can be used for a variety of purposes.

Price is also one factor that you might want to consider. The price of a laptop varies according to its uses. There are cheap models and at the same time you might brush against certain expensive models that have a lot of advantages. To sum up Ultrabooks are nothing but modified versions of laptops. Laptops can be used for a several purposes whereas the usage of ultrabooks is limited for now. However you can expect more in the years to come!

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