How You Can Benefit from Local Internet Marketing

While many online marketers are focusing on the traditional methods of online marketing, today’s savvy marketers are also focusing on local internet marketing. Local-based internet marketing is all about marketing your company in relation to its geographical location, and the location of your ideal customer base. For optimal success, you as a business owner must focus on both general online marketing, and then fine-tuned marketing that includes location-based information and promotion. For example, while you’re working on increasing the reviews your products receive on, you should also get your company listed on location-based websites like,, Google Places, and Yelp.


In addition to getting listed on location-based websites that enable consumers to find local companies and even leave reviews, you will also want to pursue the traditional route of getting listed in directories. Directories are all about organization and cataloging, and they make it incredibly easy for interested browsers to narrow down their selection of websites to you. Today’s directory listings include geographical listings, so if you sell emerald jewelry both online and in a Pittsburgh-based store you can get listed as both a jewelry store and a jewelry store that’s located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The main advantage of marketing locally is that you will attract more people to your product by building a strong customer base. This will help your sales go up too.

Tie in your email marketing with location-based internet marketing. Email newsletters are an easy way to set up a direct line of communication to customers and prospects, and if you have targets that are in your geographical area, you may be able to get them into your store physically, where they’ll be much more apt to buy. Lure them in with coupons and exclusive discounts. Make sure your email newsletter sign-up form is in a prominent spot on your website, and that you advertise it in your store, too.

Local marketing in conjunction with traditional online marketing is beneficial in many ways, more than what is outlined in this article. Tackle both types of marketing and focus on them on a regular basis, and you’ll see your SERPS go up, while your local store also sees more traffic – and ultimately, more profits. And while the tides of SEO may flow and ebb, you’ll have your local market to fall back on and see you through.

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