Things to Consider when Buying a New Smartphone

The smartphone is one of the modern devices that have significantly changed the way we conduct life and business. Gone are the days when people would have to bring planners, notebooks, a cell phone, laptop and scores of other essentials in a large briefcase so they can efficiently conduct business and keep in touch with colleagues and friends. The smartphone changed this by providing most of the necessary tools needed by the modern businessman or employee. Its compact package can provide tools that are needed to do business and stay in touch with people who matter. Small as it is, the device can be used to set and remind us of appointments, take down notes, make calls, access the internet, receive emails and a lot more.


Not only is a smartphone a fun digital toy for tech lovers, it is also a busy person’s digital assistant. This is why it is important to make smart choices when buying a new smartphone. Here are some of the things that you should consider if you plan to upgrade your old smartphone or buy a new one:

Mobile Phone Features

The smartphone is basically a mobile phone with lots of capabilities and you need to consider the call features of the device since you will be using it to communicate with your business contacts and to stay in touch with your friends and family. Choose a smartphone which can make mobile communication easier and more convenient for you. A smartphone with a front facing camera, for example, can make video calling possible. If you are using the device for business, you might also want to find one with a speakerphone feature and allows three-way calling, voice dialing, call waiting and call forwarding, especially if you are already using a service, like RingCentral, for instance.


If you intend to use your smartphone to store digital files such as music, videos and photos, you might as well consider the phone’s memory. Some smartphones don’t have expandable memories so if the storage space gets full, you will have to delete some of the files so you can add new ones. You should be aware that downloading lots of applications and using your smartphone to read and store comic files and eBooks can also use up your phone’s allotted storage space.


Look beyond the aesthetics when choosing a smartphone. Most of the smartphones on the market have elegant and eye appealing designs anyway. What you should consider are the size and weight of the phone as well as the screen size and resolution which can affect the way you use and handle your device. Bigger smartphones, for example, make it much easier for people to browse websites without squinting. If you love to watch videos, you can also take advantage of a bigger screen to watch Youtube flicks on a huge display. Small smartphones are best if you want a device that you can easily tuck in your pocket but you have to do away with smaller smartphones if you find it difficult to compose texts and SMS messages with small key pads.

The Camera

Camera phones with high megapixels allow you to take clear photos and even HD videos on the go but the smartphone’s camera can also come handy not only for taking fun photographs and videos. It can also be used to reveal QR codes, take photos and videos for documentation and as a portable alternative to a scanner. The latest models of smartphones mostly have cameras but the features and the quality of output differ.  There are also smartphones with dual cameras which can allow you to make video calls without having to use your computer’s webcam.

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