Boost your career by joining the IT crowd

The tech industry is one of today’s fastest growing employment markets and this sector has seen steady growth even during the recession. Employment rates in this field are high due to the continuously rapid technological advances and demand.

There is huge potential for those educated in the world of technology in terms of steady employment, career growth and earnings. If you’ve obtained a qualification such as a Bachelor in Computer Science or have another form of IT qualification then you’ll find that there’s a long and secure career ahead of you.

Highly marketable career path

For a recession proof career you can’t do much better than the tech industry. A variety of global companies in this sector including video game designers, renewable energy manufacturers and internet publishers have proven to be amongst the fastest growing. One only has to look at the most famous brands out there to confirm this! Computer specialists have excellent job prospects now and in the future, especially in computer systems design and its related sectors.

Unlimited earnings potential

IT workers and computer specialists are very well-rewarded professions. New graduates with qualifications such as a B.S in Computer Science are second only to chemical engineer graduates in terms of starting salaries. Career advancement is also excellent due to the wide range of companies around the world that require some form of tech professional. This type of qualification has also been shown to have the highest job offer rate; over 56% of graduates were offered employment by the companies they applied to.

Largest growth areas

There are a number of sectors that are showing continuous and steady growth in this field. These include database admin, software development and design as well as systems administration and networking. Jobs such as systems analysts are viewed as having the best job potential throughout the marketplace and sectors such as software publishing are expected to see a 30% increase in growth.

Potential for overseas employment

Overseas employment is a major bonus of working in this industry and blue chip corporations can offer jobs not just at home but also abroad. Overseas tech professionals are required in fields such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing and engineering. Again, the earnings potential when working abroad is high and consultants especially can charge high premiums for their expertise. If you’re working overseas you might also receive perks such as a housing allowance as part of a compensation package.

High rates of job satisfaction

Increased earnings, good career prospects and job stability are just some of attractive propositions of working in this industry. The other major benefit of a career in this field is increased job satisfaction. Computer experts work in a growth industry that has the power to change the world. It’s not even two decades since people began to rely on computers and the internet, and this technology alone has changed the way people work and live.

There aren’t many downsides to a tech related profession and it’s a career path that is definitely worth considering for the future. If you’re still undecided over your chosen university course then this is one discipline that should be on your list.

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